Man strangles girlfriend, threatens to kill her and her family if she calls police

29-year-old Sergio Estrada-Preciado was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he strangled his girlfriend at the A & W Hotel on Madison Street and threatened to kill her and her family if she reported it to police, per report.

Guest damages woman’s electronics when she leaves for the weekend after their argument

30-year-old James Blackwell was charged with domestic vandalism after he was involved in an argument with a woman and then damaged her TV and laptop while she was gone for three days.

Stewart Co. Mayor would consider roadblocks to stop out-of-county plates if he wanted to over-reach his power – per social media meltdown

Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon’s social media meltdown was a two-hour tirade on everything from TDS, BLM, Marxism, mandatory masks, threatening to give his jurisdiction “a taste” of government overreach and even telling Indigenous People to “shut up” about Mount Rushmore.

Elderly woman slaps accused thief over phone charger

67-year-old Della Wise was charged with domestic assault after slapping another woman across the face during a dispute where the woman was accused of stealing Wise’s phone charger.

Police say man admitted to slashing tires and smashing a windshield during argument

30-year-old Matthew Outler was charged with vandalism when authorities said that he admitted to slashing all four tires and smashing out the windshield of a woman’s vehicle during an argument.

Man mad about finding drugs in home, charged with DV, said “I am going to break you in half”

38-year-old Julius Skelton was charged with domestic assault when he found drugs in his home and wanted the owner of the items out. The owner complained that he had been shoved and told “I am going to break you in half”.

$382 million in PPP loans saved 14,324 jobs in Clarksville- details released

In data just obtained from the Small Business Administration under a FOIA request, we learn that over $382 million dollars of Paycheck Protection Program loans saved over 14,000 jobs in Clarksville by keeping employees on the payroll, at least that’s how the money is intended to be spent. Facility Services Management received the largest, with over $5 million in funds, Dominos Pizza (A Murgas LLC), received over $350,000 while local churches claimed more than $10.5 million of the available funds for small businesses.

Local favorites, such as Blackhorse & Strawberry Alley Alewoks each received over $350,000 in proceeds for their employees and expenses.

Clarksville man charged for assaulting woman at Grand View Apartments

55-year-old George Kilgore was charged with domestic assault after he threw a woman’s belongings, swung at her and tried to hit her in the face, and scratched her arm. When questioned by police, Kilgore denied that anything happened.

Woman attempts to stash meth in her pants when she sees deputy approaching

27-year-old Shaiderick Mason was charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia after a deputy observed her in a car stuffing something in her pants when she noticed police were approaching.