CPD Officer fired, nudes on city cell, 16K texts, a paramour recants her claim of sex w/on-duty officer

AUDIO: 19-year-old Lauren Bell initially claimed she had relations with a Clarksville Police Officer while he was on-duty. Recordings between CPD Captain Burdine and the teen reveal she recanted that statement, however, the investigation resulted in the initial demotion, and then termination, of Field Training Officer Jarreil Peoples after it was discovered he exchanged over 16,000 texts with the teen on his city-provided cell phone, to include sexual images and videos.

Aluminum methball found inside prison purse

43-year-old Goldie Wallace was charged with contraband in a penal institution and possession of methamphetamine when she was arrested for an active warrant and found to have meth inside of her person during the cavity search.

Man slouched over driver’s seat had marijuana, pipe, and open container in vehicle

51-year-old Michael Mason was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, driving on a revoked license, and possession of drug paraphernalia when he was found passed out in his vehicle that was still running and in drive.

Group home roommates get into fight over food

33-year-old Christopher Finley was charged with domestic assault after got into a knife fight with his roommate because he ate his food.

Man accused of body slamming girlfriend after being woken up

26-year-old Archibald Ryales was charged with aggravated domestic assault after slamming and strangling his fiancée when she found him sleeping on the floor.

Man attempts to pull roommate out of vehicle during argument

24-year-old Kyle Elton Curtis Browne was charged with domestic assault after he pulled on his roommate’s arm during an argument to get him out of the car.

Man reportedly kicks girlfriend to ground during argument; claims he was sleeping

26-year-old Joseph Hall III was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after his girlfriend told authorities that he kicked her to the ground, and he carried her back inside their home.

Man stopped for speeding charged with third DUI on Highway 13

42-year-old Terry Allen Garske was charged with his third DUI, evidence tampering, implied consent, driving on revoked, lack of insurance, and speeding after he was witnessed stumbling out of his vehicle and failed various field sobriety tests.

Woman smacked across face by ‘baby’s daddy’ when she answers knock at the door

feat Mullins LeQuan

26-year-old LeQuan Mullins was charged with aggravated domestic assault and criminal impersonation after he smacked his child’s mother in the face and lied to authorities about his identity on the scene.

Unhoused man charged with trespassing at Walmart when identified by loss prevention

29-year-old Zachary Case was charged with criminal trespassing after being on Wal-Mart property. He has previously been trespassed from the company grounds and has received trespassing charges multiple times in the past.

Man pepper-sprayed and charged after argument with sister

feat Sanabria Carlos

33-year-old Carlos Sanabria was charged with domestic assault after he was yelling and pointing his finger in his sister’s face.