Woman charged after refusing to leave Electric Cowboy; punches deputy while in holding

36-year-old Tracee Blount was charged with public intoxication and assault after belligerently refusing to leave the Electric Cowboy, then spitting on deputies while in holding.

On December 5th, Clarksville Police Officer Matthew Johnson responded to an unwanted guest call at the Electric Cowboy, located at 690 Riverside Drive. The facility reported a “black female being belligerent and refusing to leave.” Johnson arrived and reported making contact with Tracee Blount, the reported female, who had a strong alcoholic odor emitting from her person. Security reported asking her to leave several times. Due to the public annoyance and level of impairment, she was placed into custody. Later that night, while she was in the custody, Tracee caused a disturbance in the front holding cell.

Tracee Blount (MCSO)
Tracee Blount (MCSO)

She was then escorted by Montgomery County Sherriff’s Deputies Vaughn, Gallagher, and Oakes to a new cell. Though the Deputies attempted to guide her walking, she consistently turned in the wrong or opposite directions. When finally at the new cell, Gallagher tried to guide her in and was shrugged off. Tracee then proceeded to swing at a deputy, striking her in the shoulder. Vaughn then shoved her into the cell, causing her to fall backward. She sprung up as deputies closed the cell rapidly. She then spat at them, hitting Vaughn on his face and shoulder and Oakes in the middle of his chest. She was reported to be on Covid precautions at this time.

Tracee Blount was arrested and charged with public intoxication and three counts of assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

Tyler Staples

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