Woman charged after refusing to leave Electric Cowboy; punches deputy while in holding

36-year-old Tracee Blount was charged with public intoxication and assault after belligerently refusing to leave the Electric Cowboy, then spitting on deputies while in holding.

Woman throws plate at sister, punches her in the face while threatening to kill her

18-year-old Alaliyah Cottman was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after police say she punched her sister in the face and destroyed a chair and plate.

Couple charged after combat involving power tools and strangulation

34-year old Anthony Hedge and 29-year-old Virginia Salgado were charged with aggravated domestic assault after he put his hands around her neck and she attempted to hit him with a drill.

Clarksville realtor punches husband in the face, kicks him while he’s down, per report

48-year-old Clarksville Realtor Valerie Coffee was charged with domestic assault after police say she snatched her estranged husband’s phone, punched him in the face, kicked him to the ground & continued the assault while he was down, while accusing him of cheating.

Roommate picks fight and loses, gets charged with aggravated assault after shooting

25-year-old Dominic Brown was charged with two counts of aggravated assault when he picked a fight by punching someone and when he was subdued, fired a gun in retaliation.

Woman charged with domestic assault after punching man in the head at least four times

21-year-old Octavia Webster was charged with domestic assault when an argument got physical and a male individual told authorities that she had punched him in his head at least four times.