Woman pulls knife on man while he drives; says she will “f*cking kill him”

35-year-old Tanya Jean Butts was charged with aggravated domestic assault, simple possession, and contraband in a penal institution when police found marijuana in her purse as she was being booked.

Intoxicated wife slaps husband while he is driving vehicle

32-year-old Ashley Nicole Jones was charged with aggravated domestic assault and violation of conditions of release after her husband reported she slapped him in the face while he was driving.

Lesbian lovers’ communication breakdown over a cell phone

23-year-old Greshonda Keonna Morton was charged with aggravated domestic assault after forcing her way into her wife’s residence, throwing items, and wrestling her wife over a cell phone.

Gun-wielding wife threatens husband, then her own life

41-year-old Julie Alexander was charged with aggravated domestic assault after her husband notified police that they had an argument where she grabbed a gun and started threatening to shoot her husband and herself.

Man punches ex who claims the blow landed where she recently had brain surgery

40-year-old Allan Wayne Moody was charged with aggravated domestic assault after his ex reported to police that he bit her and struck her in the head after she recently had brain surgery.

Man holds girlfriend at knifepoint and threatens to stab her if she tries to leave or hit him

feat Baptiste Clarence

63-year -old Clarence Baptiste was charged with domestic aggravated assault and false imprisonment when he threatened to stab his girlfriend after an argument.

Soldier cools wife off by pouring water on her after she strangles him against a fridge

20-year-old Kaitlyn Wactor and 22-year-old Kimani Wactor were charged with domestic assault when officers responded to a domestic disturbance between the two and could not determine a primary aggressor.

Camping trip gone wrong; Man threatens his brother with a broken beer bottle, per report

24-year-old Jesse Frazier was charged with aggravated assault after he reportedly got mad at his brother for being gone too long to check on their things, and then proceeded to break a beer bottle, threatening to kill him with it.

Woman wacks boyfriend’s head with frying pan during fight

23-year-old Takhyla Drayton was charged with aggravated domestic assault after beating her boyfriend with a frying pan in his mother’s living room.

Woman pushes, strikes, and strangles wife during lover’s quarrel

20-year-old Fantasia Joyner was charged with aggravated domestic assault when her wife reported that she pushed, hit, and strangled her during an argument.