Felon threatens women at gunpoint, saying “I’m fixing to kill both of you b–ches”

35-year-old Michael Nelson was charged with possessing a firearm as a felon and two counts of aggravated assault when he threatened two women with a handgun and shot a door close to one of them before attacking them, per report.

Wife choked in parking lot of Wendy’s restaurant

33-year-old Nathan Hopson was charged with aggravated domestic assault after grabbing his wife by the throat and restricting her airflow in the parking lot of the Wendy’s on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

Woman hurls Nintendo Switch at husband while expressing marital concerns

29-year-old Marissa Cervenka was charged with aggravated domestic assault on her husband after she ripped a pair of headphones from his head, threw a Nintendo Switch at him, and grabbed him by the throat during an altercation regarding issues in their marriage, per report.

Teen soldier charged with assault after a woman told his wife he was texting her daughter

19-year-old Kyle Bliss was charged with aggravated domestic assault when a woman’s mother called his wife to tell her he was texting her daughter. His wife said he grabbed at their baby and put her in a rear choke hold, he said it was a bear hug.

Clarksville woman jumps on and strikes husband with flashlight

23-year-old Amber Hackney was charged with aggravated domestic assault after she jumped on her husband during a heated argument and then scratched him, placed her arm against his throat, and struck him with a flashlight.

Man threatens to cut brother’s throat before firing sawed-off shotgun at his face

40-year-old Michael “Tubs” Tuberville was charged with domestic assault after dry firing a blank round from a sawed-off shotgun in his brother’s face when they decided to fight and things escalated. Tuberville struck his brother in the head with the stock of the shotgun after he fired.

Elderly man strangles his victim over tools; charged with aggravated assault

63-year-old Roger Biehl was charged with aggravated domestic assault after he showed up uninvited to take tools that he says belonged to him and strangled his victim when he tried to stop him.

Palmyra woman hits rearview mirror injuring her fiance, denies knowing him

57-year-old Kimberly Lawrence was charged with aggravated domestic assault and false report after striking her fiance with the rearview mirror in her car, bloodying his face and bruising his eye. She told police she didn’t know him and was only giving him a ride.

Antioch woman steals car, says she will crack owner’s head open with rock from purse

19-year-old Poni Taban was charged with domestic aggravated assault and theft of a motor vehicle after threatening to hit a man with a rock and stealing his car.

Soldier slams wife’s head into headboard, threatens to kill himself over taking daughter

31-year-old Jacob Barnhardt was charged for choking his wife and hitting her head on a headboard after finding out she had an affair. He also threatened to kill himself if the police or his wife’s mother came to take his daughter.