Clarksville man involved in argument while holding gun; charged with aggravated assault

21-year-old Kadin Smith was charged with 2 counts of aggravated domestic assault after police discovered he was holding a .38 revolver in his hand while involved in a verbal argument with someone in his household.

Couple fights and police get involved, both charged with domestic assault

28-year-old Jack Lueders and 29-year-old Chantal Orosco-Lueders were charged with aggravated domestic assault after he told police she grabbed his throat and shirt, while she said he grabbed her arm, threw her to the ground, and held her by the throat. Police were not able to determine a primary aggressor.

Man with extensive rap sheet charged with assault after choking and beating ex; per report

38-year-old Charles Miller was charged with aggravated assault when his ex told police that he had strangled and hit her inside her home. The report stated Miller has a local criminal history for domestic abuse.

Woman attacks male victim; charged with aggravated domestic assault

45-year-old Rhonda Mitchell was charged with aggravated domestic assault after she attacked her male victim causing multiple, visible injuries.

Woman assaults man with hammer during argument

35-year-old Katherine Diane Rogers is charged with aggravated domestic assault after she hit the victim with a hammer during an argument over him going to get her food.

Woman stabbed & pepper-sprayed her boyfriend, called 911 herself, police say.

26-year-old Shauntrel Williams was charged with aggravated domestic assault after she pepper-sprayed and stabbed her boyfriend during an argument.

Man charged with brutal assault of girlfriend: toilet, wine bottle, suffocation…

Steven Cobb (MCSO)

58-year-old Steven Perry Cobb is free on a $30,000 bond after police say he brutally attacked his girlfriend while drinking. He is alleged to have accused her of using him, slapped her while she was on the toilet, threw her to the ground by her hair, suffocated her with his hands, and ripped her clothes…

Man accused of dragging girlfriend down hallway by her shirt, choking her

Edward Lewis Anderson (MCSO)

30-year-old Edward Lewis Anderson is charged with aggravated domestic assault after his girlfriend says he threw a pillow at her, then pushed her and drug her down a hallway by her shirt before choking her. He is free on a $3,500 bond.

Gun forfeited, charges dropped, after man threatens to kill ex-girlfriend with Glock hangun

Mohammed Marzouk Hassanien was charged with aggravated domestic assault after a witness confirmed he was given a Glock handgun to hold from Hassanien, after his ex-girlfriend says he threatened to kill her while displaying the gun. He appeared in court last week, at which time the government took his gun and didn’t prosecute the domestic assault charge.

Mother-in-law brandishes 2 handguns to intimidate son-in-law after an argument

48-year-old Stacy Hodges was charged with domestic assault after returning to Clarksville on June 8th. Police say she brandished two handguns and tried to trap her son-in-law in his apartment on May 29th, before fleeing to her home in Michigan.