Man kicks wife off their front porch; neighbor provides video to police

62-year-old Wayne Chaney was charged with domestic assault after a neighbor reported to police that he kicked his wife off their front porch.

Hair gets pulled during argument between roommates

23-year-old Brianna Dotson was charged with domestic assault after police say she pulled her roommate’s hair during an argument.

Woman unleashes her aggression on stranger’s vehicle with brick, per report

27-year-old Britteney Davis was charged with burglary of a motor vehicle and vandalism after throwing a brick at a car and pulling out the radio but admitted to not knowing the owner when questioned.

Man leads police on 90 MPH chase through Montgomery County line; per report

37-year-old Mark Harrison was charged with theft of property, two counts of evading arrest, driving with an open container, and driving with a suspended license after he reportedly was chased by the cops and had multiple bottles of alcohol in his vehicle.

Man pleads guilty to assault of girlfriend after “scuffle” over finances

52-year-old Edward Smedley was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after striking his girlfriend, Andrea Smith, in her face and police used pepper spray to get him into a patrol car.

Woman threatens to shoot neighbor, kicks husband while trying to get into his gun safe

26-year-old Madison Martin was charged with domestic assault after police say she threatened to kill her neighbor and then tried to steal guns from her husband’s safe.

Man hits wife after coming home angry

42-year-old James Turtle was charged with domestic assault after police say he hit his wife on the side of her head and pulled her around by her shirt.

Woman charged after husband tells police he was hit with slipper and bottles

19-year-old Jayden Rudell was charged with domestic aggravated assault and violation of conditions of release after hitting her husband, Jonnathan Garcia, with a couple of bottles and a slipper.

Man charged after woman tells police he pulled down pants, exposed genitals, and came closer

33-year-old Larry Hunt was charged with indecent exposure after a woman in the parking lot of a business on Kraft Street reported that he flashed her.

Man charged after wife tells police he pushed her by throat and called her “wh*re, c*nt, and sl*t”

60-year-old Philip Mason was charged with domestic aggravated assault and violating his conditions of release after his wife reported he cussed her out and threatened to kill her.