Man charged with tampering with evidence after refusing to give blood sample

33-year-old Cody Baggett was charged with tampering with evidence after a DUI arrest escalated upon his refusal to give up a blood sample for testing. He had already been arrested and charged for driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, use of off-road vehicle on highway, and violation of implied consent.

Ohio woman found at gas station stumbling and emotional; charged with public intoxication

42-year-old Angelia Sweeney was charged with public intoxication after she was found stumbling drunk in a gas station on North Riverside Drive with no way to get home.

Man charged for shoplifting while female accomplice gets away

32-year-old Clifford Foster was charged with theft of merchandise after he was caught shoplifting from a store by loss prevention associates.

Clarksville man gets three charges while sitting at a gas station close to home

38-year-old Robert Lingenfelter was charged with possession of marijuana, paraphernalia and driving under the influence when officers responded to a “suspicious vehicle” a gas pump on Fort Campbell Boulevard.

Man charged with assault after two couples argue over Walmart parking spot

34-year-old Matthew Worsham was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after a fight escalated between two couples over a parking spot at the Walmart on Madison Street.

Man charged with assault when argument about money issues turns physical

31-year-old Sean Carver was charged with domestic assault after an argument over money issues escalated into a smashed cell phone and a woman being thrown against furniture and the floor, per report.

Clarksville man charged when argument turns violent after drinks at Tilted Kilt

34-year-old Thomas Heath Spain was charged with domestic assault when an argument turned physical after having a few drinks at Tilted Kilt and returning home.

Clarksville man involved in argument while holding gun; charged with aggravated assault

21-year-old Kadin Smith was charged with 2 counts of aggravated domestic assault after police discovered he was holding a .38 revolver in his hand while involved in a verbal argument with someone in his household.

Clarksville man charged for stalking wife after placing tracker in her vehicle

38-year-old Patrick Winter was charged with electronic tracking of motor vehicles and stalking after he placed a tracking device in the rear wheel well of his estranged wife’s vehicle.

Man refuses to leave Kroger; charged with trespassing and public intoxication

48-year-old Jason McBryant was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespassing after being reported to police for disrupting business at Kroger on Madison Street and refusing to leave after being given a trespass warning by police.