Man kicks wife off their front porch; neighbor provides video to police

62-year-old Wayne Chaney was charged with domestic assault after a neighbor reported to police that he kicked his wife off their front porch.

On December 10th, Clarksville Police Officer David Moore responded to domestic violence with simple assault at 749 Acorn Drive, per the affidavit. Upon arrival, contact was made with Wayne Chaney and Kimberly Chaney after an anonymous call about an argument between them. Neither party wanted to explain the details of the argument and would not cooperate with officers.

Wayne Chaney (MCSO)

According to the report, Officer Moore was able to see a video from a neighbor that showed Wayne kick Kimberly off the front porch. Alcohol was consumed by both of them during the incident. The officer noted that Kimberly had a cut foot, but did not want to explain how the injury happened. Due to the video evidence, Wayne was determined to be a danger to Kimberly and was placed in custody.

Wayne Chaney was charged and arrested with domestic assault. He was later released on a $2,500 bond.

Tyrell Candelario

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