Man kicks wife off their front porch; neighbor provides video to police

62-year-old Wayne Chaney was charged with domestic assault after a neighbor reported to police that he kicked his wife off their front porch.

Woman charged after husband tells police he was hit with slipper and bottles

19-year-old Jayden Rudell was charged with domestic aggravated assault and violation of conditions of release after hitting her husband, Jonnathan Garcia, with a couple of bottles and a slipper.

Intoxicated driver barfs on herself before receiving her first #DUI

25-year-old Janae Jackson was charged with driving under the influence and improper lane change after she reportedly was witnessed drifting from her lane, and she failed administered field sobriety tests with vomit on her pant leg.

Man charged after officer witnesses child in driver seat of car rolling down Tiny Town

30-year-old Raymond Brackett was charged with child neglect after leaving his 3-year-old child in his car to get a haircut.

Man breaks windows out of ex’s trailer and gets caught with “a large piece of wood”

28-year-old Marvin Henderson was charged with vandalism after he was caught punching out the windows of his ex-girlfriend’s trailer, and he was seen carrying wood.

Man reports he took unknown drugs in unknown amounts before driving

47-year-old John Fykes was charged with driving under the influence after he admitted to the officer that he had taken “a lot” of controlled substances thirty minutes prior to driving.

Man clobbers girlfriend in response to losing CD’s

57-year-old William Beasley was charged with domestic assault after he and his girlfriend, Wanda Proctor, engaged in a physical altercation when Beasley accused her of stealing some of his CDs and headphones.

Woman consents to search after assaulting husband; tells police where she keeps marijuana

34-year-old Rachel Wells was charged with domestic assault, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia after throwing an ashtray at her husband and telling police where her marijuana was during a search of her house.

New Jersey hairdresser charged after allegedly pushing and swinging at her father

25-year-old Keiarah Davis was charged with domestic assault when her father said she threw a carseat as well as pushed and tried to punch him.