Montgomery Co. Mayor says ‘Coronavirus is a strain of the flu’; we’ve had others, mostly old people are dying.

Montgomery County Tennessee Mayor Jim Durrett recently told his constituents that COVID-19 was just a strain of the flu, suggesting the “-19” designation meant this was our 19th time experiencing this, and overall downplaying the impact of the virus, noting that most deaths were in nursing homes. Montgomery County has 6 confirmed Cases of Coronavirus, as of Tuesday.

Stewart Co. Mayor says COVID-19 is “biological weapon launched against us” from China

In a social media post about COVID-19 on Sunday, Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon tells the constituents of his small county they “must come together to fight this biological weapon launched against us from the most evil parts of the communist government”, calling it the “Chinese Coronavirus”.

Montgomery County declares state of emergency amid COVID-19

County Mayor Jim Durrett today declared a state of emergency for Montgomery County, Tennessee, while City Mayor Joe Pitts was out and about patronizing a local restaurant on Franklin Street. The state of emergency continues through April 3rd and strongly encourages local businesses to adhere to CDC and state guidelines limiting service, and limits access to public buildings.

Nashville Mayor to request bars to close, reduction of restaurant capacities #COVID19

Nashville Mayor John Cooper will ask that all bars on lower Broadway, and across the city, to close until further notice, and restaurants to operate at half-capacity… so far, we have no confirmed cases in Montgomery County, however, testing has not been extensive, and it’s only a matter of time until the first case is confirmed.

CDE says customers may request a service credit as internet outage continues to plague the city

CDE Lightband, the city’s provider of fiber internet in Clarksville, continues to have service issues into the weekend. The company claims their fiber backbone line has been cut twice in two cities in two states, within two days. As of late Friday, the city of Austin was unable to confirm their crews caused the damage CDE Lightband claims.

“We have some races that get a 2-bedroom and 7 or 8 of them live there,” says city councilwoman

Clarksville City Councilwoman Wanda Smith was found making racially insensitive remarks during a city council meeting on Thursday, February 27th. This is not the first time Wanda has spoken in a manner that seemed to be racially driven that has brought scrutiny to her and the position she currently holds.

Clarksville Police Officer removed from active duty during investigation of on-duty affair

Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley confirms to Scoop: Clarksville that Officer Jarreil Peoples is now under internal investigation by the department and not working as an on-duty officer. On Thursday, Peoples’ paramour announced she was pregnant with his child, which she alleges was conceived while on-duty.

Scoop Media sues Montgomery County over redaction of public records

Scoop Media Group has filed suit in Chancery Court against Montgomery County, Tennessee, for denial of access to public records. In January, the local Court Clerk began redacting details from public arrest affidavits. The denials began after a phone call from the County’s Public Information Officer, Michelle Newell, who told Scoop that she did not agree with how Scoop published public records, and would be seeking legislation to prevent future publication, and would restrict access going forward.

Clarksville dignitaries hold ribbon-cutting with ‘violent sex offender’, per TBI. Children present.

Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett & Clarksville City Mayor Joe Pitts were among the local dignitaries present last month at a ribbon-cutting ceremony sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, celebrating a business of which a 31-year-old registered violent sex offender on probation in lieu of prison, is now an owner. Brandon Kyle Hester is the man becoming an owner of the family business – which includes fitting youth for proms, ring bearer ceremonies, bar mitzvahs, and weddings.