TN Mayor says COVID is “flu created by satanist Bill Gates”, rallied on by citizens

On December 15th, Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon once again took to his Facebook profile to articulate his feelings and opinions on COVID-19, Trump’s “re-election”, and “satanist Bill Gates”.

City Mayor: “County Mayor’s legal order on masks and signs is more than a suggestion”

Law enforcement agencies and building inspection departments for Montgomery County and the City of Clarksville will begin stressing that businesses must post signs requiring the public to wear face coverings.

Despite mandate, police & city’s elite refuse to mask up

Despite a mask mandate being in place with full support from both mayors, it is largely being ignored throughout the city. Law enforcement officers are responding to calls without masks, local politicians and business owners are mingling for hours unmasked and not socially distanced at various events drawing hundreds of the city’s elite.

#OPENDATA: See who hasn’t voted yet on your street #Clarksville

Montgomery County saw a record turnout for early voting from October 14th to October 29th. 49,509 total votes have already been cast, with 44,254 people voting in person at the Election Commission. In the 2016 Presidential Election, 36,853 individuals voted early or by absentee ballot, that’s a rise of 12,656 this year.

County Mayor restores mask mandate in Montgomery County

Today, Oct. 27, 2020, Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett signed Emergency Order #21 to restore the wearing of face masks by all residents in Montgomery County.

Council candidate says she meets 12-month residency requirement but voted in Dickson in February of 2020

The question has been called as to whether Ward 4 City Council candidate Margaret Thompson is eligible to run for office in Clarksville. She says she’s lived in Clarksville for 8 years but records show she voted in Dickson, TN earlier this year, which would have required her to also have residency there.

CPD Officer fired, nudes on city cell, 16K texts, a paramour recants her claim of sex w/on-duty officer

AUDIO: 19-year-old Lauren Bell initially claimed she had relations with a Clarksville Police Officer while he was on-duty. Recordings between CPD Captain Burdine and the teen reveal she recanted that statement, however, the investigation resulted in the initial demotion, and then termination, of Field Training Officer Jarreil Peoples after it was discovered he exchanged over 16,000 texts with the teen on his city-provided cell phone, to include sexual images and videos.

Clarksville meter maid issues $40 overtime fine to Scoop employee, $10 to other citizens

Clarksville city code allows for a $10 fine to be issued for staying past the time on a parking meter on the Street. After Scoop: Clarksville began calling out the bad practices of the meter maids last month, who were standing at cars waiting for them to expire, some employees are now receiving $40 tickets, in violation of city code.

Parking Commission now issuing parking tickets every 2 hours #FTMM

The Clarksville Parking Commission started issuing parking tickets every two hours. Previously, one parking ticket would be issued per day but the City Code allows for violations every 2 hours, per meeting minutes the change was brought on by the City Accounting Manager and Roxy Director.

Montgomery County 911 working via “pen and paper” after reported ransomware attack on county servers

Though county officials have not officially confirmed, multiple employees have reported the county IT department is battling a #ransomware attack that has disabled all county computer systems, servers, and user accounts – including 911 operators, who say they’re working on “pen and paper” as of Saturday mid-day.