Clarksville meter maid issues $40 overtime fine to Scoop employee, $10 to other citizens

Clarksville city code allows for a $10 fine to be issued for staying past the time on a parking meter on the Street. After Scoop: Clarksville began calling out the bad practices of the meter maids last month, who were standing at cars waiting for them to expire, some employees are now receiving $40 tickets, in violation of city code.

The city code specifies how much the fine for each violation is, and the first ‘overtime parking’ violation fine is clearly stated as “$10”. However, after much back and forth between Scoop Media and the City’s Parking Commission over invalid tickets, and the meter maids printing tickets seconds before meters expire and standing beside vehicles waiting to place tickets the second the meter flashes red, some meter maids have started to issue $40 fines to vehicles known to be employees of Scoop Media, and example of which is below. Nowhere in the city code is a $40 fine for exceeding the time on the meter allowed. An entire month parking pass in a garage is between $25 and $30, depending on the location.

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Jason Steen

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