Car club’s ‘Corona Cruise’ draws large crowds, defies ‘stay-at-home’ order in Clarksville

The Clarksville Gearhead Car Club & Vet Speed Racing defied city, county, and state ‘stay-at-home’ orders Saturday and held a mass gathering, branded as a ‘Corona Cruise’. Videos & photos show approximately 60 people attended the event, which did not practice social distancing or other precautions amid the COVID19 pandemic.

WSMV confirms 6 employees on 14-day quarantine, entire station being disinfected #TomRandles

WSMV confirms to Scoop Media that 6 employees have been sent home on a 14-day quarantine after an attendee at a telethon last week tested positive for #COVID19. These six employees, including Tom Randles, may have had contact with the infected individual but are not currently showing any symptoms.

Clarksville nurse admits to diverting pain meds from over 20 patients at Nashville hospital

A newly released disciplinary report shows that Registered Nurse Jessica Rayburn has admitted to diverting narcotics while working at St. Thomas West in Nashville. Her license has been suspended for a minimum of six months.