#OPENDATA: See who hasn’t voted yet on your street #Clarksville

Montgomery County saw a record turnout for early voting from October 14th to October 29th. 49,509 total votes have already been cast, with 44,254 people voting in person at the Election Commission. In the 2016 Presidential Election, 36,853 individuals voted early or by absentee ballot, that’s a rise of 12,656 this year.

Clarksville meter maid issues $40 overtime fine to Scoop employee, $10 to other citizens

Clarksville city code allows for a $10 fine to be issued for staying past the time on a parking meter on the Street. After Scoop: Clarksville began calling out the bad practices of the meter maids last month, who were standing at cars waiting for them to expire, some employees are now receiving $40 tickets, in violation of city code.

Montgomery County 911 working via “pen and paper” after reported ransomware attack on county servers

Though county officials have not officially confirmed, multiple employees have reported the county IT department is battling a #ransomware attack that has disabled all county computer systems, servers, and user accounts – including 911 operators, who say they’re working on “pen and paper” as of Saturday mid-day.

Man “In fear for his life” over news report of him defecating in a police car; seeks order of protection

Josh Wikholm, a local politico and former campaign manager for Jason Knight, has sought an order of protection, telling local judge Wayne Shelton he is now in “fear for his life” because Scoop Media has made him “appear racist” after publishing a public record of him defecating in the back of a Clarksville Police cruiser.

Second inmate dies while in custody at Montgomery County Jail in less than a week

Scoop: Clarksville has been notified that a second inmate has passed away within a week while in custody at the Montgomery County Jail.

Montgomery County Jail inmate commits suicide

An inmate at the Montgomery County Jail hanged herself after reportedly being returned from the hospital where she was treated for an overdose. She was transported to Vanderbilt after being found, where she was placed on life support, and then pronounced dead.

Clarksville teachers can bring their children to work – if they promise to not sue the district if they catch #COVID19 while there

Clarksville / Montgomery County School System employees can bring their children to work with them as they return to work to prepare for the upcoming school year – if they promise to not sue the district if they catch #COVID19 while there.

$382 million in PPP loans saved 14,324 jobs in Clarksville- details released

In data just obtained from the Small Business Administration under a FOIA request, we learn that over $382 million dollars of Paycheck Protection Program loans saved over 14,000 jobs in Clarksville by keeping employees on the payroll, at least that’s how the money is intended to be spent. Facility Services Management received the largest, with over $5 million in funds, Dominos Pizza (A Murgas LLC), received over $350,000 while local churches claimed more than $10.5 million of the available funds for small businesses.

Local favorites, such as Blackhorse & Strawberry Alley Alewoks each received over $350,000 in proceeds for their employees and expenses.

Local politico once pooped in a cop car, told police he “had something for them” and urinated in their direction

Joshua Wikholm (MCSO)

32-year-old Joshua Wikholm, who has been involved in local political campaigns in Clarksville, once defecated in the back of a Clarksville Police cruiser, after the officer had arrested him for public intoxication. Officer Creech says Wikholm told them he “had something for them” and urinated in the direction of the cop and his partner, soaking the patrol car, then tried to smear his poop.