Stewart Co. Mayor would consider roadblocks to stop out-of-county plates if he wanted to over-reach his power – per social media meltdown

Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon’s social media meltdown was a two-hour tirade on everything from TDS, BLM, Marxism, mandatory masks, threatening to give his jurisdiction “a taste” of government overreach and even telling Indigenous People to “shut up” about Mount Rushmore.

$382 million in PPP loans saved 14,324 jobs in Clarksville- details released

In data just obtained from the Small Business Administration under a FOIA request, we learn that over $382 million dollars of Paycheck Protection Program loans saved over 14,000 jobs in Clarksville by keeping employees on the payroll, at least that’s how the money is intended to be spent. Facility Services Management received the largest, with over $5 million in funds, Dominos Pizza (A Murgas LLC), received over $350,000 while local churches claimed more than $10.5 million of the available funds for small businesses.

Local favorites, such as Blackhorse & Strawberry Alley Alewoks each received over $350,000 in proceeds for their employees and expenses.

Montgomery County hits 100 COVID-19 cases in one week

As of July 3rd, Montgomery County has 534 COVID-19 cases. 198 have recovered and our county has experienced 7 deaths from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. 329 cases are currently active and 34 individuals are hospitalized. Montgomery County broke 100 cases since last Friday, June 26th.

New candidates petition, qualify in race for Clarksville City Council and City Judge

Since last week, four new citizens have picked up petitions to qualify for Clarksville City Council. In addition, four citizens have officially qualified for election to their respective positions. The qualification period opened on Monday, June 22nd and the deadline to return the petitions is August 20th.

Sex offender organizes high school graduation event at Clarksville Speedway

Hundreds of Clarksville high school seniors and their families attended graduation ceremonies organized, in part, by a man known on Facebook as Shane Chris. Chris is actually Shane C. Thompson, a sex offender from Trigg County.

Initial qualifications begin for Clarksville City Council, City Judge

14 citizens have picked up petitions to qualify as candidates for Clarksville City Council and City Judge. The qualification period opened on Monday, June 22nd and the deadline to return the petitions is August 20th. No incumbents have picked up a petition as of 10:00 a.m. June 26th.

Tarboosh Clarksville shut down early by City Fire Inspector

Clarksville Police standby outside Tarboosh Clarksville

Tarboosh Clarksville, downtown’s most problematic venue, was shut down early Sunday morning by an inspector with the Clarksville Fire Department, citing the venue for being over double their allowed capacity.

“BE THE LIGHT: Marquee Lighting”; Roxy Theatre illuminates marquee for 8-minutes and 46-seconds

On June 9th, the Roxy Regional Theatre marquee that has been dark since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was lit for eight minutes and forty-six seconds. The time signifying the amount of time a now removed police officer left his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

Fort Campbell leader confronts soldier with #BLM and BLACK LIVES MATTER on car

On June 4th, a Snapchat video showed Fort Campbell non-commissioned officer Sergeant Benjamin Rubino reprimanding a junior soldier for having #BLM and BLACK LIVES MATTER written on his personal vehicle. The soldier pointed out that Rubino was sporting a confederate flag on the roof of his truck.

CPD presents Mayor Pitts a “top-to-bottom review” which includes use of force and racial profiling

Clarksville Police Department leaders have presented Mayor Joe Pitts with a “top-to-bottom review” of the Department’s processes and protocols regarding arrests, use of force and police-bias prevention.