A former Nashville-Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) correctional officer was charged Wednesday with four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver or sell.

Repeat offender charged for possession of meth and driving on revoked #ScoopFrequentFlier

46-year-old William Neal was charged with possession of meth, unlawful removal of tags, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after a check of his vehicle’s tags came back to a different vehicle.

Man with .46 grams of meth found sleeping in car in a cemetery

34-year-old Joshua Morrison was charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia after he was found with multiple knives and meth while sleeping inside his vehicle at a cemetery.

Fugitive provides police with meth while in patrol car

28-year-old Sharon Priess was charged with possession of meth after being pulled over with outstanding warrants.

Couple charged after search of vehicle yields 24 Xanax bars and meth

35-year-old Nicholas Follis was charged with possession of meth and 29-year-old Jessica Scott was charged with possession of a controlled substance after consenting to a search that yielded meth and Xanax bars.

Man leaves girlfriend swollen, bloodied, and bruised; tosses meth over fence when cops arrive

35-year-old Branden Lee Hudson was charged with domestic assault, tampering with evidence, and possession of meth after drunkenly beating his girlfriend and tossing meth into his neighbor’s yard when the officer arrived.

Man charged after claiming ownership of meth and syringes in passenger’s purse

54-year-old Clifton Schow was charged with meth with intent, felon going armed, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, drug paraphernalia, and improper display of plates after being pulled over with meth, a pipe, needles, empty baggies, and a handgun.

Man doesn’t have license, doesn’t have tags, but does have meth

46-year-old William Gregory Neal was charged with possession of meth, paraphernalia, driving while revoked, and registration laws after police conducted a stop on a car with plates that didn’t match and found needles and pink powder.

Man found with meth, a gun, more meth, scales, another gun, more meth, and fentanyl

22-year-old Dionte Cornelius Gunn was charged with possession of meth, fentanyl, paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm after multiple residents of Ramblewood Apartments told police a man was trying to sell them meth.

Man found with meth after admitting to police he had marijuana during traffic stop

41-year-old Adam Felts was charged with meth violation, possession of marijuana, and his fifth driving on a suspended license after he admitted to having marijuana during a traffic stop and while being searched, was also found with meth.