TN Mayor says COVID is “flu created by satanist Bill Gates”, rallied on by citizens

On December 15th, Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon once again took to his Facebook profile to articulate his feelings and opinions on COVID-19, Trump’s “re-election”, and “satanist Bill Gates”.

Family feud cut short when police apprehend knife-wielding cousin

feat Wysinger Sharita

30-year-old Sharita Wysinger was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when she pushed and hit her cousin, and then cut their tire.

Nashville man strangles his girlfriend in order to stop her from slapping him, per report

48-year-old Jeffery Albea of Nashville was charged with aggravated domestic assault after he reportedly strangled his girlfriend during an argument that escalated until police arrived.

Man convicted of meth possession after running a red light on his motorcycle

47-year-old Kenny Way was charged with possession of schedule II substance with intent for resale, driving on revoked, methamphetamine for resale, disobedience to a traffic control device after running a red light and getting caught with drugs.

Stewart man given 90 days in jail after handing deputy syringe, meth, and fentanyl when questioned

39-year-old Joshua Hollingsworth was charged with possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl for resale after he was seen exiting a home where a woman had just overdosed and he provided a deputy with his paraphernalia and drugs.

Clarksville doctor charged with 7 counts shoplifting at Walmart; posts all cash bond

46-year-old Jyotsna Korivi was charged with 7 counts theft of merchandise – shoplifting, in connection to 7 separate incidents where Wilma Rudolph Walmart Loss Prevention reported she had skip scanned $358.78 of merchandise.

Teen punches officer in face after fleeing on foot and ditching his empty Four Lokos

Feat Fearn Ian

19-year-old Ian Collin Fearn was charged with assault on an officer, criminal impersonation, public intoxication, evading and resisting arrest after punching an officer to escape after lying about his identity.

Man slaps woman after she smashes his toe with bedroom door

31-year-old Dustin Holbrook was charged with domestic assault after a verbal dispute led to a woman hit him in the toe with a door and he slapped her.

Woman returns item already in Walmart; uses the money in an attempt to steal more

42-year-old Toni Camia was charged with burglary after she was caught on camera skip scanning items and fraudulently returning an item at Walmart while she had outstanding warrants.

Woman creates contact between mother’s face and book #WordsHurt

21-year-old Ahlana Jones was charged with domestic assault after hitting her mother in the face with a book and the two squabbled about laundry.