Man caught in Walmart bathroom stuffing his coat

56-year-old Robert Fowler was charged with burglary after reportedly stuffing his coat with pilfered goods.

Man burgles Walmart for less than $50 in merchandise; found across the street

38-year-old Raymond Poindexter was charged with burglary after stealing $49.68 of merchandise from Walmart and was found at a nearby carwash.

Drunk pulled from “wreck” in Walmart parking lot

25-year-old Tomas Barrientos was charged with driving under the influence after wrecking his vehicle while he was asleep and intoxicated behind the wheel in the Fort Campbell Walmart parking lot.

Woman returns item already in Walmart; uses the money in an attempt to steal more

42-year-old Toni Camia was charged with burglary after she was caught on camera skip scanning items and fraudulently returning an item at Walmart while she had outstanding warrants.

Walmart shoplifter found with Xanax and Fentanyl

21-year-old Hannah Clark was charged with burglary, theft of property, and simple possession after taking $850 worth of merchandise from Walmart with Xanax and while being searched, she was found with Xanax and Fentanyl.