Man charged after pushing ex-wife away from their child while she buckles him in

28-year-old James Shepherd was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after scratching his ex-wife’s truck and pushed her away from their son as she was buckling him in.

Relationship beef gets spicy at Taco Bell when boyfriend forgets anniversary on #TacoTuesday

23-year-old Darryl Edward Joseph III was charged with domestic aggravated assault after his girlfriend reported him throwing her around inside his car in the parking lot of Taco Bell where he works.

Driver with suspended license charged after traffic stop uncovers .8 grams of marijuana

35-year-old- Lee Russell was charged with possession of marijuana, driving on a suspended license, drug paraphernalia, driving an unregistered vehicle, and lack of insurance after being pulled over for using plates registered to another vehicle.

Man charged after claiming ownership of meth and syringes in passenger’s purse

54-year-old Clifton Schow was charged with meth with intent, felon going armed, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, drug paraphernalia, and improper display of plates after being pulled over with meth, a pipe, needles, empty baggies, and a handgun.

Man leaving Walmart in vehicle charged with trespassing

35-year-old Timothy Tuberville was charged with criminal trespassing after attempting to go to Wal-Mart just 7 months after being previously charged for the same thing.

Man charged after carrying girlfriend outside by her neck

31-year-old Chase Grahl was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after smashing his girlfriend’s iPhone and tossing her out of the house.

Woman uses both hands in husband’s assault

41-year-old Krista Morgan was charged with domestic assault after using two hands to push her husband.

Woman pops on mother and sister; drags sibling around apartment by her hair

30-year-old Ashley Dean was charged with two counts of domestic assault after pouring soda on her mother, and pouring milk on her juvenile sister before holding her down “until she stopped fighting.”

Woman puts her hands around girlfriends neck with witness; claims nothing physical happened

39-year-old Moneisha Hurt was charged with domestic assault after physically escalating an argument she was having with her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s brother.

Boyfriends feud over relationship issues; one arrested after slap fight

21-year-old Jayden Dupree was charged with domestic assault after he threw objects around his apartment, his boyfriend punched a hole in the wall, and they slapped one another.