Man attempts to throw officer during traffic stop

29-year-old Nicholas Lynch was charged with speeding, resisting arrest, open container, and two counts of assaulting an officer after attempting to throw an officer to the ground and take another’s firearm.

Soldier reportedly aims shotgun at another man when he is discovered in bed with girlfriend

20-year-old Cameron McLaughlin was charged with aggravated domestic assault and aggravated assault after pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend and her side piece.

“Unwanted guest” detained at Tippers by bouncers until police arrive

59-year-old Craig Nedoff was charged with aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia after being turned away from Tippers, then getting detained by security when he reached for a painter’s pole.

Man charged after minors confess who they got tattoos and drugs from

35-year-old Anthony Dykes was charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and three counts of tattooing a minor after providing minors with marijuana and LSD.

Woman found overdosed on heroin while home alone with 3-year-old child

33-year-old Amanda Winn was charged with contempt, child abuse and neglect, possession of heroin, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after her husband returned home from work and found her overdosing on the kitchen floor.

Woman cuts boyfriend with knife during an argument

40-year-old Jennifer Sward was charged with aggravated domestic assault after police say she cut her boyfriend with a knife during an argument.

Man seen pushing ex down stairs so hard she “flew,” per report

26-year-old John Carnegie was charged with domestic assault after a witness told police that he pushed his ex-girlfriend down the front porch stairs.

Drunk driver who causes accident reports a hit-and-run to police; charged after blowing a .204

27-year-old Amber Corbin was charged with driving under the influence, making a false report, and possession of marijuana after fleeing the scene of a crash then calling 911 to say someone hit her car and drove off.

Couple’s 3 children stay with grandma after witnessing parents’ marital skirmish

35-year-old Victor Montanaro and 37-year-old Lauren Montanaro were charged with domestic assault after fighting over their relationship and financial issues.

Man punches wife in the chest, takes her phone during argument

24-year-old Marque Ludd was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend reported to police that he hit her twice and took her phone during an argument about their marital problems.