Woman hits utility pole, attacks EMT and deputy while intoxicated

42-year-old Jennifer Parrish was charged with two counts of assault, driving under the influence, and failure to exercise due care after reportedly slamming into an electrical pole, attacking medical staff, and kicking a deputy while intoxicated.

Driver charged after deputy witnesses swerving across multiple lanes with no headlights

22-year-old Cedric Crowder was charged with driving under the influence and driving without headlights after admitting to drinking four beers and performing poorly on field sobriety tests.

Man found intoxicated after accident on 101st Parkway

44-year-old Jose Tzaquitzal Ajpacaja was charged with DUI after police say he crashed his vehicle and admitted to drinking a forty-ounce Bud Light.

Man admits to drinking beer at boss’s party before reports say he was swerving on 101st

41-year-old Jose Bautista-Martinez was charged with driving under the influence and driving without a license after an officer saw him swerving on the road with his turn signal on.

Intoxicated man stopped for doing 80 in a 45 mph zone; says he only had “2 or 3 beers”

24-year-old Dylan Farrier was charged with his first driving under the influence and speeding after speeding past a deputy and saying he had drunk less than an hour prior.

Intoxicated woman tells trooper there was a second party involved in her single-vehicle crash

24-year-old Bailey Bashore was charged with driving under the influence after she told authorities that she was involved in a crash with another vehicle, but she was unable to give a description while she smelled of alcohol.

Woman found sleeping in running car after night at Electric Cowboy

Feat Barnes Misty

42-year-old Misty Lynn Barnes was charged with driving under the influence after police say she was found sleeping behind the wheel of a running vehicle in a Mapco parking lot.

Drunk driver who causes accident reports a hit-and-run to police; charged after blowing a .204

27-year-old Amber Corbin was charged with driving under the influence, making a false report, and possession of marijuana after fleeing the scene of a crash then calling 911 to say someone hit her car and drove off.

Night of drinking at Electric Cowboy leads to speeding and DUI charges

28-year-old Veronica Johnson was charged with DUI, speeding, and implied consent after she admitted to drinking margaritas at Electric Cowboy during a traffic stop for speeding.

Driver charged after having an “odor of an intoxicant” at the location of a wreck

Feat Shaw Carlton

40-year-old Carlton Shaw was charged with driving under the influence for the first time after wrecking a car, failing a field sobriety test, and consenting to a blood draw.