Man arrested and charged twice in less than a week; single counts of theft, evading arrest, and assault

32-year-old Christopher Banks was charged with theft, evading arrest, and domestic assault after he attempted to steal a fragrance from Dillard’s, and less than a week later he assaulted his ex while retrieving his belongings.

Couple booked after skirmish and officer observes busted lip

Feat Williams and Hugee

27-year-old Ashley Elizabeth Williams and 24-year-old Darryl Barcheea Hugee were charged with domestic assault after they told an authority that they were trading blows before they arrived.

Man charged after deputy encounters girlfriend with “some redness on her face”

Feat Dillon Daniel

31-year-old Daniel Franklin Dillon was charged with domestic assault after reportedly striking his girlfriend in the face multiple times during an argument, and he denied the allegations.

Man charged after officer finds his girlfriend with a cut under her eye

Feat Anderson Gerard

34-year-old Gerard Anderson was charged with domestic assault after he reportedly punched his girlfriend in the face, forced her outside, and left her with a scratch under her eye.

Woman hits soon-to-be husband and munches on his body during assault

feat Carver Stephanie

23-year-old Stephanie Elizabeth Carver was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly hit and bit her fiancé.

Woman found sleeping in running car after night at Electric Cowboy

Feat Barnes Misty

42-year-old Misty Lynn Barnes was charged with driving under the influence after police say she was found sleeping behind the wheel of a running vehicle in a Mapco parking lot.

Woman assaults boyfriend in the face with used feminine hygiene product

Feat Neighbors Ashley

36-year-old Ashley Lynn Neighbors was charged with domestic assault after police say she slapped her boyfriend in the face with a used feminine hygiene product.

Man charged after yanking adopted daughter’s arm during eviction

Feat Marshall Jeffery

58-year-old Jeffery Russell Marshall was charged with domestic assault after pulling his adopted daughter’s arm while on the porch during an attempt to evict her.

Man reportedly kidnaps ex in front of their children and her new boyfriend

Feat Black Martelle

28-year-old Martelle Jonquise Black was charged with possession of cocaine, domestic assault, false imprisonment, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault after open hand slapping, pulling a gun, and attempting to kidnap the mother of his children, per report.

Woman booked after officer hears she destroyed her boyfriend’s $15 headphones

feat howard vera

27-year-old Vera Howard was charged with vandalism under $1000 after she admitted to an officer that she broke her boyfriend’s $15 pair of headphones during a verbal argument.