Woman booked after officer hears she destroyed her boyfriend’s $15 headphones

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27-year-old Vera Howard was charged with vandalism under $1000 after she admitted to an officer that she broke her boyfriend’s $15 pair of headphones during a verbal argument.

Pupil-poker charged after assaulting his child’s mother

47-year-old Karlton Hickman was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend reported he grabbed her by the throat and poked her in the left eye.

Man leaves girlfriend swollen, bloodied, and bruised; tosses meth over fence when cops arrive

35-year-old Branden Lee Hudson was charged with domestic assault, tampering with evidence, and possession of meth after drunkenly beating his girlfriend and tossing meth into his neighbor’s yard when the officer arrived.

Relationship beef gets spicy at Taco Bell when boyfriend forgets anniversary on #TacoTuesday

23-year-old Darryl Edward Joseph III was charged with domestic aggravated assault after his girlfriend reported him throwing her around inside his car in the parking lot of Taco Bell where he works.

Man charged after carrying girlfriend outside by her neck

31-year-old Chase Grahl was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after smashing his girlfriend’s iPhone and tossing her out of the house.

Man reportedly kicks girlfriend to ground during argument; claims he was sleeping

26-year-old Joseph Hall III was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after his girlfriend told authorities that he kicked her to the ground, and he carried her back inside their home.

Teen arrested after sitting on girlfriend and popping her wrist

19-year-old Coby Rief was charged with two counts of domestic assault and interference with emergency calls after a dispute with his mother and girlfriend.