Man arrested after flipping vehicle on Fort Campbell Boulevard

46-year-old Gregory Edwards was charged with his third DUI, driving on revoked, and leaving the scene of an accident after he was seen crawling away from a car he ran into a semi and flipped.

Man charged after wife receives busted lip

Feat Broertjes Quinten

28-year-old Quinten Lamar Broertjes was charged with domestic assault after officers found his wife with a bleeding lip and they had conflicting stories about their argument.

Screaming man found rolling around in grass with 1 gram of marijuana

22-year-old James Belcher was charged with simple possession and public intoxication after he was screaming and rolling around in the grass claiming he was intoxicated on drugs and was found to have marijuana on him.

Man charged with stalking juvenile female coworker from Wendy’s

28-year-old Nathan McLaughlin was charged with stalking after attempting to engage in a relationship with a minor, having his family harass her over text, and showing up to her residence to threaten her.

Man conceals ‘large meat product’, charged with burglary of Walmart – $46.85

56-year-old Michael Lee Mann was charged with burglary after Walmart Loss Prevention witnessed him stuffing his bag with a notably large amount of meat.

Teen fugitive charged when police find him asleep at the wheel of stolen vehicle

18-year-old Travis Gaskin was charged with theft, possession of marijuana, and paraphernalia after falling asleep at the wheel and being found with marijuana and a stolen vehicle.

Woman caged after kicking daughter over dog kennel

50-year-old Leilani Douthit was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly kicked her daughter in the leg while she was attempting to retrieve her dog’s kennel.

Man physically intimidates mother; tells police their argument was verbal only

42-year-old Jameka Gaines was charged with domestic violence after his mother called police and reported that her son was threatening her, and putting her in fear of him assaulting her.

Conflicting stories about couple’s fight over car keys land both in jail

34-year-old Edward “Da Mac” McMillian and 31-year-old Jennifer Rogers were charged with domestic assault after the injured couple gave conflicting information regarding their physical fight over a purse and car keys.

FIGHT VIDEO: Topless tussle at Allure Nightclub

21-year-old Mariah Rosamae Blankenship was arrested and charged for disorderly conduct after refusing to let go of another woman’s hair after they get in an altercation leading the both being pepper-sprayed and topless.