Man charged after wife reports they wrestled over tablet and took her keys and phone

43-year-old Charles Rector was charged with domestic assault and false imprisonment after his wife claimed he wrestled a tablet from her for recording him while he drank beer and watched a football game.

Woman pushes boyfriend around, throws his TV out in front of police

21-year-old Savannah Tumlin was charged with domestic assault after she pushed her boyfriend around causing him to jam his finger, then threw out his TV and shoes while police were present.

WSMV confirms 6 employees on 14-day quarantine, entire station being disinfected #TomRandles

WSMV confirms to Scoop Media that 6 employees have been sent home on a 14-day quarantine after an attendee at a telethon last week tested positive for #COVID19. These six employees, including Tom Randles, may have had contact with the infected individual but are not currently showing any symptoms.