Homeless man reports assault, gets charged with public intoxication

27-year-old Christopher O’Quinn was charged with public intoxication after he showed up in a woman’s yard complaining of being assaulted down the street and ended up being taken to jail for his own protection and to stop him from annoying people.

Clarksville man stopped for going 51 in 25 mph zone, gets DUI charge

24-year-old Stephen Keese III was charged with driving under the influence after officers clocked him going 51 in a 25 mph speed zone on Gratton Road.

Springfield man punches girlfriend several times in her face and back during argument

40-year-old Steven Drew was charged with dragging his girlfriend by her hair and punching her when she tried running into a bedroom to get away from him after an argument became physical.

Handgun found during traffic stop on Riverside Drive

40-year-old Terrance Page was charged with DUI, failure to maintain his lane, and possession of a handgun after a traffic stop on South Riverside Drive.

Medical call near Gate 1 turns into assault charge

28-year-old Benzel Smith was charged with assault and resisting arrest after a medical call for service turned violent in the back of an ambulance.

Disorderly woman threatens to kill her victim, says she will “blow this b!#%$ up!”

33-year-old Jessica Watson was charged with aggravated assault after she brandished a weapon in the air while threatening to kill the victim while saying she will “blow this b!#%$ up!”, per report.

IHOP employee runs down Dominion Drive believing someone is chasing him

38-year-old Dominick Delgado was charged with public intoxication after he was reported for running down Dominion Drive and told officers he hadn’t slept in three days and drank heavily, all while screaming for his life and believing someone with a knife was chasing him.

Irate young adult resists police and gets tased after going ballistic on stepmother

20-year-old Zachary Holloway was charged with assault on an officer, vandalism, public intoxication, and resisting arrest after he went ballistic and threw stuff around in his stepmother’s garage, ran when she called the police, and had to be tased to be apprehended.

Woman found roaming around the Hazelwood area charged with public intox

39-year-old Danna Cook was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest after she was found walking around inebriated in the Hazelwood neighborhood and refused verbal commands in the process.

Man found stumbling near St. Bethlehem convinced he’s in Georgia

26-year-old Jeffrey Toso was charged with public intoxication in the St. Bethlehem area after an officer observed him stumbling along 101st Parkway near Pea Ridge Road with an open bottle of whiskey, per report.