18-year-old charged after person fitting his description stole SUV and led deputies on chase

18-year-old Willie Peterson Jr. was charged with theft of property, two counts of evading arrest, and evading arrest in a vehicle after officers noticed he fit the description of someone who had just fled on foot from a stolen vehicle.

Man charged after bruised girlfriend calls police; found with Xanax and no prescription

30-year-old Tyrice McRae was charged with domestic assault and possession of Xanax without a prescription after his girlfriend reported to police that he repeatedly punched her in the face and placed her in fear for her life.

Woman charged after refusing to leave Electric Cowboy; punches deputy while in holding

36-year-old Tracee Blount was charged with public intoxication and assault after belligerently refusing to leave the Electric Cowboy, then spitting on deputies while in holding.

Man blows .172 after police see him driving into oncoming traffic

51-year-old Sean Fogarty was charged with driving under the influence after he was seen by police driving into oncoming traffic.

Man violates conditions of release, spotted with prior victim and a stolen gun

27-year-old Jonathan Hamman was charged with contempt of court and theft of property after being seen with the victim of a prior statutory rape charge and found with a stolen pistol.

Women booked after attempting to steal from Best Buy; one attempts to hide loot behind tree

24-year-old Laquanashaneachia Leach and 25-year-old Crystal Miller were charged with evading arrest and criminal impersonation respectively, and both were additionally charged with shoplifting after trying to flee to the mall from Best Buy with stolen merchandise.

Man found with meth during traffic stop, gives police his brother’s name

29-year-old James Denapoli was charged with criminal impersonation and possession of meth and heroin after police say he gave his brother’s name, then admitted his real name, and gave consent to search his vehicle.

Man dual-wields knives and lets his ex know “someone’s going to die tonight,” per report

57-year-old Michael Campbell was charged with aggravated domestic assault after chasing his ex-girlfriend down with a couple of knives.

Son threatens mother: “I will kill you with this hammer if you call the police;” she calls anyway

25-year-old Corbin Jarman was charged with domestic assault and possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia after he threatened his mother with a hammer and he was caught with meth.

Teen brawls with brother during argument with family members on-looking

18-year-old Ryan Heath was charged with domestic assault after attacking his brother while they both had family watching.