18-year-old charged after person fitting his description stole SUV and led deputies on chase

18-year-old Willie Peterson Jr. was charged with theft of property, two counts of evading arrest, and evading arrest in a vehicle after officers noticed he fit the description of someone who had just fled on foot from a stolen vehicle.

Women booked after attempting to steal from Best Buy; one attempts to hide loot behind tree

24-year-old Laquanashaneachia Leach and 25-year-old Crystal Miller were charged with evading arrest and criminal impersonation respectively, and both were additionally charged with shoplifting after trying to flee to the mall from Best Buy with stolen merchandise.

Man leads police on 90 MPH chase through Montgomery County line; per report

37-year-old Mark Harrison was charged with theft of property, two counts of evading arrest, driving with an open container, and driving with a suspended license after he reportedly was chased by the cops and had multiple bottles of alcohol in his vehicle.

Duo caught with meth during traffic stop, tells deputies conflicting stories

44-year-old Heather Volker and 41-year-old Nathan Best were charged with possession of methamphetamine and unlawful drug paraphernalia after deputies located a glass pipe and 4.4 grams of methamphetamine in their vehicle.

Man tackled by officer in Speedway after shoving beer in his shirt sleeves

49-year-old Demaurice Johnson was charged with burglary, criminal impersonation, evading and resisting arrest, and possession of a weapon after he stuck two beers up his sleeves at Speedway and claimed his name was Antione Parson.

Teen attempts to flee from wreck with ambulance; leaves gun, SUV, green substance, and police behind

19-year-old Kequan Waller was charged with reckless endangerment, possession of marijuana, and driving without a license after his SUV struck an ambulance and officers located a leafy substance inside of the vehicle.

Fugitives charged and served when authorities find them with an ounce of meth

25-year-old Tamera Dennis and 30-year-old Jacob Rittenhouse were charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia after authorities located approximately 28.4 grams of meth, baggies, and digital scales in their vehicle.

Felon charged; police find 70 Xanax bars, 14 Adderall pills, 5 Suboxone pills, fentanyl, meth, and marijuana

41-year-old Rayshawn Thomas was charged with multiple drug violations, paraphernalia, felon in possession of a firearm, and driving without a license after police stopped his car because the registered owner had a suspended license.

Felon hiding from police found next to bag containing 65 grams of marijuana, cash, and gun

23-year-old Terry Moore was charged with domestic assault, felon in possession of a firearm, and other crimes after reportedly shoving his pregnant girlfriend and running back into the apartment to hide from police in the laundry room.

Man taken into custody after rummaging through at least three vehicles for loot

21-year-old James Sherrod was charged with three counts of burglary and evading arrest after he fled from authorities and stole items ranging from a woman’s wallet to sparkplugs.