Man tackled by officer in Speedway after shoving beer in his shirt sleeves

49-year-old Demaurice Johnson was charged with burglary, criminal impersonation, evading and resisting arrest, and possession of a weapon after he stuck two beers up his sleeves at Speedway and claimed his name was Antione Parson.

Man leads high-speed chase through Hickory Wild while 4 passengers tell him to stop

20-year-old Josuel Morales was charged with four counts of reckless endangerment evading arrest, failure to exercise care, drug paraphernalia, possession of a weapon, driving unregistered after he sped through a neighborhood as law enforcement followed in an attempt to stop the vehicle.

Baton Rouge fugitive found in Clarksville; receives 8 more charges

25-year-old Darian Peevy was charged with eight crimes including fugitive from justice and theft of property after Clarksville Police found him with a stolen car.

Jobless felon threatens girlfriend and child with shotgun over money

40-year-old David Martin was charged with two counts of aggravated domestic assault and unlawful possession of a weapon when he threatened his girlfriend and her child with a shotgun.

Clarksville man assaults mother in her home by repeatedly pushing her

22-year-old Tavarus Farrow was charged with domestic assault and possession of a weapon while in commission of a felony. Farrow’s charges come in lieu of repeatedly demanding entry into his mother’s home, pushing her over when she answered the door and shoving her into her own kitchen counter.