Man tackled by officer in Speedway after shoving beer in his shirt sleeves

49-year-old Demaurice Johnson was charged with burglary, criminal impersonation, evading and resisting arrest, and possession of a weapon after he stuck two beers up his sleeves at Speedway and claimed his name was Antione Parson.

Trio blindsides homeowner with theft of $900 of his property

56-year-old Randy Robinson, 47-year-old Crystal Merry, and 36-year-old Olivia Clark were charged with burglary after stealing $900 in blinds from an abandoned home.

Man attempts to steal pots and pans from Target, charged with burglary and given $5k bond

55-year-old George Kilgore was charged with burglary after police say he attempted to steal $280 worth of pots and pans from Target.

Man taken into custody after rummaging through at least three vehicles for loot

21-year-old James Sherrod was charged with three counts of burglary and evading arrest after he fled from authorities and stole items ranging from a woman’s wallet to sparkplugs.

Woman returns item already in Walmart; uses the money in an attempt to steal more

42-year-old Toni Camia was charged with burglary after she was caught on camera skip scanning items and fraudulently returning an item at Walmart while she had outstanding warrants.

Man charged after cooking up scheme to steal air fryer

30-year-old Bernard Stanton was charged with burglary after he stole an air fryer from Walmart and was caught near White Castle on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

Man charged after breaking into resident’s home, going through his car, and stealing his wallet

30-year-old Cyle Andrew was charged with two counts of burglary after a resident claimed he broke into his house, went through his car, stole his wallet, and left with a “black item” in his hand.

Unhoused man held at gunpoint by citizen for burglarizing vehicle

40-year-old Joel Cody was charged with burglary and possession of methamphetamine after he was held at gunpoint for opening and going through a man’s vehicle.

Repeat theft offender stole shrimp from Kroger and steaks from Walmart #SurfNTurf

feat Wheeler Tommy

57-year-old Tommy Wheeler was charged with burglary and theft of property when he stole steak and shrimp from two separate stores on the same day, one of which he had previously received a criminal trespass letter regarding.

K9 Vadar indicates positive; CPD finds meth inside of diversion safe in a burglar’s Volkswagen

29-year-old Michael Martin was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia as well as burglary when police respond to a burglary at the Wilma Rudolph Walmart then find methamphetamine with other paraphernalia in his Volkswagon.