High & homeless man picked up for being “unreasonably annoying”

22-year-old Chad Gregory was charged with public intoxication when police say they found him wandering around at a Madison Street motel and admitted to using methamphetamine.

Man pulled over for tail light gets charged with possession of meth

27-year-old Johnny Ison was charged with unlawful drug paraphernalia, simple possession, and methamphetamine violation after officers pulled his vehicle over for a broken tail light.

Passenger of vehicle charged with meth violation during traffic stop

46-year-old Sherry Currier was charged with methamphetamine violation after police pulled over the vehicle she was riding in and searched her.

Man arrested with meth after leaving local trap spot

William Neal was arrested for methamphetamine violation, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after he was seen leaving a known trap spot.

Woman approaches officer and gets herself arrested

32-year-old Crystal Rutherford was charged with shoplifting and methamphetamine violation after she spoke to an officer about Biglen Drive.

Bags of drugs everywhere: shoe, trunk, purse; heroin & crystal meth seized

40-year-old Kara Yeager is charged multiple felony drug charges after an expired registration led to a traffic stop earlier this month, where officers located heroin, crystal meth, and paraphernalia on her person and in the vehicle she was driving.

Disoriented man at Walmart found with methamphetamine

61-year-old Calvin Reece was arrested on an outstanding DUI warrant, and a new methamphetamine charge after a welfare check was conducted at the Walmart on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard on January 4th.

High on meth, mother found asleep on random grave after abandoning child in 32-degree weather

Teresa Dawn Ford (MCSO)

40-year-old Teresa Ford was found asleep inside a cemetery on a grave on January 4th, after abandoning her son on the side of the road in freezing weather. Police found her to be intoxicated and seized methamphetamine and other assorted drug paraphernalia.