Baton Rouge fugitive found in Clarksville; receives 8 more charges

25-year-old Darian Peevy was charged with eight crimes including fugitive from justice and theft of property after Clarksville Police found him with a stolen car.

Man found unresponsive in church parking lot with heroin folded in “Trump 2020” bills

33-year-old Joseph Cash was charged with possession of heroin, possession of Xanax without a prescription, drug paraphernalia, and violating his conditions of release after he was found unresponsive in a church parking lot.

Man books it into the woods after firing shots; admits to purposefully missing

24-year-old Trace Booker was charged with domestic aggravated assault, possession of a handgun while under the influence, and possession without a prescription after firing multiple shots at his cousin.

Man violates conditions of release, tells woman he’ll “beat her brains out and kill her”

58-year-old Russell Roach was charged with aggravated assault and violating his conditions of release after threatening to beat a woman’s brains out and kill her.

Walmart shoplifter found with Xanax and Fentanyl

21-year-old Hannah Clark was charged with burglary, theft of property, and simple possession after taking $850 worth of merchandise from Walmart with Xanax and while being searched, she was found with Xanax and Fentanyl.

Pharm tech revoked after theft of 10,884 oxymorphone, oxycodone & Xanax pills worth $90k

29-year-old Amy Lynn had her pharmacy technician registration revoked by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy for diverting 10,884 pills, including oxymorphone, oxycodone, and alprazolam. Her workplace suffered a loss of $90,000.

Man found unresponsive on Peachers Mill Road given Narcan, charged with DUI

41-year-old Clifton Cunningham was charged with driving under the influence after his vehicle left the roadway on Peachers Mill Road where he was found unresponsive and required emergency medical personnel to administer Narcan.

Clarksville man caught with 8.4 pounds of marijuana during CPD raid at his home

31-year-old Michael Baldwin was charged with two counts of simple possession, possession with intent to sell, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony after Clarksville Police executed a narcotics warrant at his residence.

Not flying high: Clarksville nurse reported unresponsive at airport gate

40-year-old Jennifer Willis-Quailes was charged with unlawful possession, public intoxication, and resisting arrest after she was found “slumped over” at a Nashville airport gate and ignored officers trying to remove her from the facility.

Man tells officers he sold drugs ‘hours before’ he was stopped, and admits to selling for 2+ months

#DontTalkToTheCops: 20-year-old Kalvin Shaner was charged with schedule II drug violation, schedule IV drug violation, schedule VI drug violation, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after police pulled him over for a registration violation and he admitted every crime he’s ever committed in his adult life.