Panhandler attempts to make a few bucks while trespassing in Walmart parking lot

38-year-old Tracey Carver was charged with criminal trespass when she was asking for money with a sign in the parking lot of Walmart after being trespassed by Walmart on August 26th.

Man caught with meth and more than 75 needles after shoplifting aquarium supplies

31-year-old Timothy Phillips was charged with shoplifting, criminal impersonation, possession of meth, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia when he was searched for shoplifting at Walmart and found to be in possession of meth and more than 75 needles.

K9 Vadar indicates positive; CPD finds meth inside of diversion safe in a burglar’s Volkswagen

29-year-old Michael Martin was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia as well as burglary when police respond to a burglary at the Wilma Rudolph Walmart then find methamphetamine with other paraphernalia in his Volkswagon.

Man found with meth admits to stealing charger from Walmart and cellphone from MetroPCS

22-year-old Christopher Craig was charged with shoplifting, theft, paraphernalia and methamphetamine violation after Walmart loss prevention witnessed him stowing merchandise and a search revealed a phone stolen from another store.

Walmart shoplifter found with Xanax and Fentanyl

21-year-old Hannah Clark was charged with burglary, theft of property, and simple possession after taking $850 worth of merchandise from Walmart with Xanax and while being searched, she was found with Xanax and Fentanyl.

Pregnant woman says husband smacked her in face

40-year-old Terry Beavers was charged with aggravated domestic assault and violation of his conditions of release when he slapped his pregnant wife in the face during an argument.

Repeat trespasser caught damaging merchandise at Walmart

29-year-old Zachary Case was charged with vandalism and criminal trespass when he was found destroying a package of headphones in Walmart. He was previously charged with trespassing in 2018.

Woman asks loss prevention to not tell police about weed in her bra

32-year-old Krystal Scaletta was charged with theft of property and tampering with evidence after she was caught trying to steal $40 worth of items from Walmart. She then asked the loss prevention agent to not tell police about the weed in her bra.

Repeat shoplifter caught again with $86 worth of items at St. Bethlehem Walmart

34-year-old David Felts was charged with burglary after he was caught stealing $86 worth of items at Walmart on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. He was trespassed from all Walmart properties in March 2020 for numerous shoplifting incidents.

Man caught stealing $75 worth of items from St. Bethlehem Walmart

49-year-old Glenn Jones was charged with burglary, shoplifting, and driving on a suspended license after he stole $75 worth of merchandise from Walmart on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.