Man attempts to throw officer during traffic stop

29-year-old Nicholas Lynch was charged with speeding, resisting arrest, open container, and two counts of assaulting an officer after attempting to throw an officer to the ground and take another’s firearm.

Man pleads guilty to assault of girlfriend after “scuffle” over finances

52-year-old Edward Smedley was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after striking his girlfriend, Andrea Smith, in her face and police used pepper spray to get him into a patrol car.

Teen assaults girlfriend and her car during argument

18-year-old Corron Wilson was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he reportedly pushed his girlfriend, hit her, and kicked the door of her car several times as she was attempting to leave during an argument.

Felon charged; police find 70 Xanax bars, 14 Adderall pills, 5 Suboxone pills, fentanyl, meth, and marijuana

41-year-old Rayshawn Thomas was charged with multiple drug violations, paraphernalia, felon in possession of a firearm, and driving without a license after police stopped his car because the registered owner had a suspended license.

Felon hiding from police found next to bag containing 65 grams of marijuana, cash, and gun

23-year-old Terry Moore was charged with domestic assault, felon in possession of a firearm, and other crimes after reportedly shoving his pregnant girlfriend and running back into the apartment to hide from police in the laundry room.

Former Honor Guard member charged after invading a Walmart patron’s vehicle

29-year-old Nicholas Lynch was charged with vehicular burglary, attempted vehicular burglary, and resisting arrest after attempting to open cars with occupants at Walmart, and he grabbed a stranger by the back of his neck while he was sitting in his car.

Fugitive recognized and captured during suspected drug deal; police recover 6.67 oz. of fentanyl

24-year-old Langston Noble Ward Williams and 21-year-old Anthony Charles Rashon Lewis were both charged with evading and resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, possession of fentanyl and marijuana, and multiple other charges after ramming multiple vehicles in an attempt to flee authorities.

Felon with handgun, “a little bit of weed,” and no license tells officer he is a murderer during stop

31-year-old Blake Wright was charged with possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, convicted felon going armed, and failure to obey traffic control signals after running a red light with marijuana and a stolen firearm in the vehicle.

Woman stabs ex-boyfriend in butt, sprays Biofreeze in his face

23-year-old Candelaria Montez was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest after she stabbed her boyfriend twice and sprayed Biofreeze in his face.

Nashville man charged after police overhear woman say “Get off of me”

23-year-old Taylor Hassell was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after he held a girl against the wall in an attempt to “hug” her, and would not leave the apartment when the police tried to speak with him.