Woman hits utility pole, attacks EMT and deputy while intoxicated

42-year-old Jennifer Parrish was charged with two counts of assault, driving under the influence, and failure to exercise due care after reportedly slamming into an electrical pole, attacking medical staff, and kicking a deputy while intoxicated.

Vandal swings on officer while in holding cell; gets pepper-sprayed, per report

31-year-old Ajae Salabie was charged with two counts of assault, aggravated burglary, and vandalism after he reportedly fought with his sibling, and assaulted two officers separately while being taken into custody.

Man causes girlfriend to blackout during dispute over a female caller on his phone

53-year-old Jeffrey Barnett was charged with aggravated domestic assault after he strangled his girlfriend and knocked her down during an argument about him being on the phone with another woman.

Man charged after he “ran his thumb across his throat in a slicing motion” at his neighbor

35-year-old Ryan Barba was charged with two counts of assault after making a throat-slitting gesture to his neighbor, causing her to feel fear for herself and her family.

Woman chucks tea on Cracker Barrel worker; smears lotion on her car as she leaves

21-year-old Curtisa Milan was charged with assault and vandalism after she threw tea on a Cracker Barrel employee and then smeared lotion on her vehicle.

Felon with handgun, “a little bit of weed,” and no license tells officer he is a murderer during stop

31-year-old Blake Wright was charged with possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, convicted felon going armed, and failure to obey traffic control signals after running a red light with marijuana and a stolen firearm in the vehicle.

Intoxicated cashier charged with assault of multiple women and child

22-year-old Jayesh R. Patel was charged with three counts of assault, false imprisonment, and public intoxication after several people told officers their stories about what Patel had recently done to them and their children.

Man admits to smoking marijuana then knocks officer’s contact out while being detained

28-year-old Anthony Marcel Deloach was charged with assault, evading arrest, and resisting search after knocking out an officer’s contact while being placed in handcuffs and fleeing on foot afterward.

Man charged with assault after throwing beer can at lover

57-year-old Steve Glen Black was charged with domestic assault after he and his partner threw food at each other during an argument.

Man attempts to hit neighbor with pipe while arguing over trashcan

48-year-old Jason Douglas McBryant was charged with aggravated assault after threatening his neighbor with a metal pipe over a trashcan that had been hit while it was in the road.