Man, irate over an extra month’s rent, charged after threatening to shoot wife and friend

22-year-old George Forest was charged with domestic assault after reportedly threatening to blow his wife’s brains out during a prolonged argument about him being responsible for an extra month of rent.

Man assaults wife as she tries to run from his accusations with her child, per report

26-year-old Jalen Craig was charged with domestic assault after strangling his wife to prevent her from leaving with their child, and an underage witness explained what happened to the police.

Woman stabs ex-boyfriend in butt, sprays Biofreeze in his face

23-year-old Candelaria Montez was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest after she stabbed her boyfriend twice and sprayed Biofreeze in his face.

Two men argue and fight into a chokehold over invited apartment guest

22-year-old Jose Crispin was charged with aggravated assault after placing an unidentified man into a chokehold during a dispute about him having a friend over. Crispin later admitted to drinking prior to the assault.

Woman attacks man over a phone, gives police conflicting report

27-year-old Lindsi Draggoo was charged with domestic assault after she jumped on the back of an unidentified man and then grabbed, scratched, and hit the man in response to him grabbing her phone.

Soldier found wearing only one shoe and jeans admits to underage drinking in barracks

20-year-old Brett Paulson was charged with public intoxication when a woman reported him banging on her door and when officers arrived he was only wearing a single shoe and a pair of jeans. He had no idea how he had gotten there.

Clarksville soldier charged with domestic assault after pulling a knife and “acting out”

23-year-old Atiana Hughes was charged with aggravated domestic assault when she was accused of pulling a knife and “acting out” when an unwelcome guest refused to leave her home.