Woman attacks man over a phone, gives police conflicting report

27-year-old Lindsi Draggoo was charged with domestic assault after she jumped on the back of an unidentified man and then grabbed, scratched, and hit the man in response to him grabbing her phone.

On May 22nd, Officer Blamer was dispatched to the Independence Place Apartments located on 3193 Ft. Campbell Blvd in response to a domestic disturbance. According to the affidavit, Lindsi Draggoo claimed that she was arguing with an unidentified male in their vehicle in front of an apartment. Draggoo began to record the male, to which he reportedly responded by taking her phone away and pulling her through the vehicle. Draggoo went on to say that the male threw her to the ground, causing grazing and tears on her knee.

Lindsi Draggoo (MCSO)
Lindsi Draggoo (MCSO)

As Blamer was at the scene of the crime, the male called law enforcement from Walmart at 408 Tiny Town Rd. The male’s report of the incident was that, while the two were arguing in the vehicle, Draggoo tried to record him, to which he responded by taking her phone away. Draggoo proceeded to then try and get the phone back in her possession by “grabbing, hitting, and scratching him” per report.

The man attempted to exit the vehicle, compelling Draggoo to jump onto his back with her arms wrapped around his neck. The victim attempted to break free from the woman by rolling his shoulders and biting her wrist. A bite mark was noticed by Blamer on the wrist of Draggoo. An eyewitness account confirmed the side of the victim’s, viewing Draggoo on the back of the male as well as the woman falling to the ground after the victim rolled his shoulders.

Lindsi Draggoo was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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