Man holds minor to wall by her throat, per 3 children’s report

feat Gonzales, Joseph

38-year-old Joseph Gonzales was charged with aggravated domestic assault after his girlfriend’s children reported that he clutched and lifted up a 17-year-old girl by her throat and pressed her up against a wall.

Woman puzzled and angry when husband pours out her alcohol #DontTouchMyWine

40-year-old Lucille Napolitan was charged with domestic assault after scattering jigsaw puzzle pieces about the floor and scuffling with her husband over her wine.

Intoxicated man tells officer his license “should be good” during stop

41-year-old Lynquanis Mills was charged with DUI and driving a suspended license after he was pulled over for having his headlights off and two empty bottles of Taaka Vodka were found inside of his vehicle.

Man reports he took unknown drugs in unknown amounts before driving

47-year-old John Fykes was charged with driving under the influence after he admitted to the officer that he had taken “a lot” of controlled substances thirty minutes prior to driving.

Teen gives police ultimatum: arrest neighbor or she gets shot; police choose her instead

19-year-old Haley Puckett was charged with aggravated assault after attempting to run over her neighbor with her truck and threatening to shoot her if the police did not arrest her.

Man collars brother during dispute over his daughter’s clothing

39-year-old Michael Erwin was charged with domestic assault after he got into a fight with his brother while doing attempting to do laundry.