Man charged with assault when argument about money issues turns physical

31-year-old Sean Carver was charged with domestic assault after an argument over money issues escalated into a smashed cell phone and a woman being thrown against furniture and the floor, per report.

Clarksville man charged for stalking wife after placing tracker in her vehicle

38-year-old Patrick Winter was charged with electronic tracking of motor vehicles and stalking after he placed a tracking device in the rear wheel well of his estranged wife’s vehicle.

Clarksville man charged for threatening to “chop up” woman with axe, per report

40-year-old Marshall Powell was charged with aggravated assault after threatening a woman with an axe and saying he was going to “kill her, chop her arms off, and shove them up her a–“, per the affidavit.

Clarksville man with K2 enters random house screaming someone is trying to kill him

35-year-old Alfred Thomas was charged with trespassing and a salvia offense after local residents, who did not know him, say he entered their home screaming about someone trying to kill him.

Clarksville man caught with 8.4 pounds of marijuana during CPD raid at his home

31-year-old Michael Baldwin was charged with two counts of simple possession, possession with intent to sell, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony after Clarksville Police executed a narcotics warrant at his residence.

Teen shows up in court as victim, leaves a suspect after backpedaling story

19-year-old Keilexus Goldthreate was charged with filing a false report after admitting to the District Attorney that she lied about a domestic assault against her because she was mad.

Man breaks in house to steal safe, caught by pet-sitter

39-year-old Jeffery Flowers was charged with aggravated burglary after a pet-sitter witnessed him stealing a safe from a residence.