Man reports he took unknown drugs in unknown amounts before driving

47-year-old John Fykes was charged with driving under the influence after he admitted to an officer that he had taken “a lot” of controlled substances thirty minutes prior to driving.

On November 4th, Clarksville Police Officer Darrius Robinson stopped a Volvo at Waffle House, located at 1683 Ft. Campbell Boulevard, when the driver, John Fykes was unable to maintain his lane of travel. Officer Robinson asked Fykes if he had consumed any alcohol and he replied no. When asked if he had consumed any controlled substances, Fykes stated, “A lot”, approximately thirty minutes to an hour before driving, according to the officer’s report. Fykes admitted to officers that he did not know what he consumed or how much.

John Fykes (MCSO)

Officer Robinson stated that Fykes agreed to field sobriety tests and that he admitted that he had medical conditions that would limit his ability to perform the test. The officer’s report stated that Fykes failed to follow the tip of a pen with his eyes and moved his head during the nystagmus test. Fykes performed the walk, turn, and one leg due to medical restrictions. Fykes consented to a blood test. Officer Robinson stated due to his observations that he deemed it unsafe for Fykes to operate a vehicle.

John Fykes was arrested and charged with a first offense driving under the influence. Fykes is currently jailed in lieu of a $2,500 bond.

Lori Mason

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