Clarksville man found “hooping and hollering” behind Ramblewood Apartments

38-year-old Jessie Whitworth was charged with public intoxication after running up to cars and wandering the woodline behind Ramblewood Apartments.

Intoxicated man booked for being a nuisance at BL Market

50-year-old Chino Smith was charged with public intoxication after he was observed trying to take beer from BL Market without paying and asking customers for cigarettes and money.

Woman found drunk in the middle of Hietts Lane

30-year-old Kala Murphy was charged with public intoxication after being found drunk and unable to stand in the middle of Hietts Lane.

Panhandler attempts to make a few bucks while trespassing in Walmart parking lot

38-year-old Tracey Carver was charged with criminal trespass when she was asking for money with a sign in the parking lot of Walmart after being trespassed by Walmart on August 26th.

Man has second overdose within a year; found in a field not breathing

23-year-old Christian Skeen was charged with being in possession of methamphetamine and Fentanyl when police found him not breathing in a field making this his second time overdosing within the past year.

Man caught sleeping at Papa Rock gas pumps charged with possession of meth

feat Pantoja Edwin

56-year-old Edwin Pantoja was charged with possession of meth and unlawful drug paraphernalia after he was caught sleeping while parked at the Papa Rock gas pumps.

Father reportedly throws mother’s cellphone to stop her from picking up their son

37-year-old Mark Gifford was charged with vandalism after throwing a cellphone that belonged to the mother of his son in an attempt to keep her from taking the juvenile child with her.

Woman pushes, strikes, and strangles wife during lover’s quarrel

20-year-old Fantasia Joyner was charged with aggravated domestic assault when her wife reported that she pushed, hit, and strangled her during an argument.

Lovers spat about parking space caused woman to “wig out;” she strikes girlfriend in head twice

29-year-old Kiana Timmons was charged with domestic assault when she told police that she punched her girlfriend twice for pulling her wig off of her head.

Repeat offender uses spare key to drive after server takes keys; charged with DUI

64-year-old Frederick Alan was charged with driving under the influence second offense, possession of weed, and driving on a revoked license when a concerned server reported that a drunk driver may be located in the area.