Woman found sleeping in running car after night at Electric Cowboy

Feat Barnes Misty

42-year-old Misty Lynn Barnes was charged with driving under the influence after police say she was found sleeping behind the wheel of a running vehicle in a Mapco parking lot.

Woman rips husband’s sweater during argument in front of their kids

29-year-old Debbitza Roldan was charged with vandalism after she reportedly ripped her estranged husband’s sweatshirt during an argument.

Man records wife as she slaps and kicks him

31-year-old Michelle Hill was charged with domestic assault after her husband reported to police that she slapped and kicked him while she was being recorded.

Woman assaults boyfriend in the face with used feminine hygiene product

Feat Neighbors Ashley

36-year-old Ashley Lynn Neighbors was charged with domestic assault after police say she slapped her boyfriend in the face with a used feminine hygiene product.

Man found with gun after police smell marijuana coming from his building

35-year-old Christopher Eason was charged with felon in possession of a firearm after officers say they smelled marijuana coming from his building and later found a gun in his desk.

Man found with gun while under the influence on Interstate 24

20-year-old Jovanta Collins was charged with DUI, possession of a handgun while under the influence, and failure to exercise due care when deputies say they responded to a crash on I-24, smelled marijuana, and found a gun in the car.

Couple assaults each other outside Electric Cowboy

feat Genther, Alyssa and Mitchell Tylor

24-year-old Alyssa Genther and 24-year-old Tylor Mitchell were charged with domestic assault after police say they were hitting and punching each other in his truck while at the Electric Cowboy.

Man caught with stolen vehicle tells police he is “bored”

27-year-old Adam Ludy was charged with theft of property and driving on a suspended license after police say he admitted to stealing a stranger’s running vehicle because he was bored.

Wife charged after husband tells officer he is afraid to go to bed that night

35-year-old Kristian Smith was charged with domestic assault after her husband was in fear for his life because he claims she made ambiguous threats towards him during a discussion about infidelity.

Man charged after yanking adopted daughter’s arm during eviction

Feat Marshall Jeffery

58-year-old Jeffery Russell Marshall was charged with domestic assault after pulling his adopted daughter’s arm while on the porch during an attempt to evict her.