Woman charged after reportedly pulling gun on soon-to-be-ex during custody exchange

34-year-old Renee Hardimon was charged with domestic assault after reportedly shoving her soon-to-be-ex around and striking him in the head during a custody exchange.

Soldier points gun to woman after arguing about Snapchat, says “I’ll show you what a man is”

21-year-old Juan Martinez-Pruneda was charged with aggravated assault after he was involved in an argument with a woman about Snapchat, pushed her to the ground, then pointed a gun at her saying “I’ll show you what a man is”.

Disorderly woman threatens to kill her victim, says she will “blow this b!#%$ up!”

33-year-old Jessica Watson was charged with aggravated assault after she brandished a weapon in the air while threatening to kill the victim while saying she will “blow this b!#%$ up!”, per report.