Disorderly woman threatens to kill her victim, says she will “blow this b!#%$ up!”

33-year-old Jessica Watson was charged with aggravated assault after she brandished a weapon in the air while threatening to kill the victim while saying she will “blow this b!#%$ up!”, per report.

On May 16th, police responded to an aggravated assault and made contact with two witnesses and the victim. One witness said that the defendant, Jessica Watson, parked in a parking lot and began screaming at the witness about the victim, demanding the witness to wake the victim up.

Jessica Watson (MCSO)
Jessica Watson (MCSO)

During the encounter, the witness said that Watson showed her a hammer and what she believed to be a handgun, but she refused to wake up the victim so Watson left. She returned approximately thirty minutes later in a white truck with a gun in her hand that she brandished in the air yelling threats according to the witness.

Watson moved from the parking lot to the stop sign across the street in the truck and exited the vehicle and approached the witness making more threats with her hands behind her back, the witness believed that she had the gun back there. The witness woke up the victim and told her Watson was outside so when the victim went outside Watson was pacing the street and threatening to kill her and “blow this bitch up.”

When the victim returned inside, Watson moved the truck to the parking lot and continued making threats as well as making gestures to her back as for a gun. A second witness collaborated the whole story that witness one told. She said that she heard Watson say that she had a gun and saw her have a black object behind her back. Police could not reach Watson via telephone call and was eventually positively identified.

Jessica Watson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $50,000.

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