Council candidate says she meets 12-month residency requirement but voted in Dickson in February of 2020

The question has been called as to whether Ward 4 City Council candidate Margaret Thompson is eligible to run for office in Clarksville. She says she’s lived in Clarksville for 8 years but records show she voted in Dickson, TN earlier this year, which would have required her to also have residency there.

Clarksville realtor punches husband in the face, kicks him while he’s down, per report

48-year-old Clarksville Realtor Valerie Coffee was charged with domestic assault after police say she snatched her estranged husband’s phone, punched him in the face, kicked him to the ground & continued the assault while he was down, while accusing him of cheating.

Mother speeds and swerves with open bottle of Tito’s and her 3-year-old in the car

35-year-old Jacqueline McGarry was charged with child abuse, DUI, and open container violation when she was caught speeding and veering into oncoming traffic with her three-year-old child in the backseat as well as an open bottle of vodka.

Papa Rock trash can damaged by man who said he was not drinking, but blew a .14 BAC

56-year-old Roland Taylor was charged with driving under the influence when he struck a trash can at Papa Rock and a witness saw him throw a bottle of Paul Masson away.

Soldier cools wife off by pouring water on her after she strangles him against a fridge

20-year-old Kaitlyn Wactor and 22-year-old Kimani Wactor were charged with domestic assault when officers responded to a domestic disturbance between the two and could not determine a primary aggressor.

Homeowner allows search of guest’s quarters; police find 28 THC edibles, 29 tabs of acid, and a handgun

22-year-old Damon Suiter was charged with possession of marijuana, LSD, drug paraphernalia, and a firearm as well as criminal impersonation after he gave officers a false name during their search of the room he was staying in.

Man accuses girlfriend of cheating, throws food tray that destroys a table and her computer monitor

35-year-old Jorge Hernandez was charged with vandalism when he engaged in a verbal altercation with his girlfriend that led to him throwing a food tray which broke a table and her computer monitor.

Armed robbery leads to finding man with “mixed” weed at Oak Haven Hotel; said it was worth $5

55-year-old James Elliot was charged with possession of marijuana after officers found what he said was a dime bag worth of marijuana mixed with other green leafy substances to make the appearance of more which weighed about 50 grams.

Women fight over pills; man intervenes and witnesses who threw the first punch

45-year-old Michelle Coffey was charged with domestic assault after she had an argument with another female over pills which got physical and she claimed it was self-defense, but a witness said she threw the first punch.

Uncle forces female to the ground twice while gripping her hair during argument

38-year-old Adam Collins was charged with domestic assault when his niece told authorities that he forced her to the ground not once, but twice, by her hair during an argument.