Married couple fights on the porch after drinking a pint of Fireball

31-year-old Rosaanna Miles and 31-year-old Brian Miles was charged with fighting each other after drinking a pint of Fireball. She struck him in the face five or six times and he strangled her.

Clarksville woman racks up multiple charges from car accident

46-year-old Hollie Waynick was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, duty to render aid, failure to exercise due care, compliance with financial responsibility, leaving the scene of an accident, immediate notice of accident, and driving on a suspended license after she was involved in an accident on Merritt Lewis Lane and fled the scene where police found a man overdosed in the back seat.

Clarksville man charged after argument turns into road rage

38-year-old Deangelo Collins was charged with aggravated assault after a heated argument with a woman about his girlfriend turned into a dangerous road rage incident.

Clarksville woman attacks man with his own phone; he dumps their alcohol in retaliation

34-year-old Jessica Duty was charged with aggravated assault after she was reported for striking the victim with a phone and punching him in his chest and head eventually leading to her choking him. She was arrested on assault charges against the same man less than a month ago.

Man upset about his care at Tennova Medical charged after pulling a knife on hospital staff

36-year-old Ryan Herndon was charged with four counts of aggravated assault and tampering with evidence when nurses and guards at Tennova Medical told officers he was unhappy with his care and pulled a knife on them after being escorted out.

Man throws phone and strangles wife after getting upset with her, per report

24-year-old Taylor Slider was charged with aggravated assault after he got upset with his wife, snatched her phone and threw it against the wall, then proceeded to wrap his hands around her neck and apply pressure causing her to be unable to breathe.

Woman with history of assault strikes husband again, per report

28-year-old Sarah Lewis was charged with aggravated assault after her husband reported to police that she tried hitting him several times and made contact once in his left rib cage. There was an active COR for a similar issue between the couple in the past.

Clarksville teen charged with assault after he and underage accomplice threaten couple with BB guns

19-year-old Taydarian Black was charged with two counts aggravated assault when he, and a minor who was driving a white truck, were reported for pointing guns at a vehicle they were passing on Riverside Drive.

Teen lovers spat about cheating, ends with a knife wound and aggravated assault charge

18-year-old William Tyler Rye IV was charged with aggravated assault when an argument with his girlfriend escalated to a suicide threat. Rye removed a knife from her but recklessly positioned it and she was cut while they were fighting over it.

Clarksville man in jail after witnesses say he shot up a local bar because he was booted, denied re-entry

43-year-old Howard Daves was charged with reckless endangerment and aggravated assault after he opened fire on a Clarksville bar that had ejected him for trolling patrons.