Man charged after attempting to fight multiple people on Strawberry Alley

35-year-old Shaun Mortimer was charged with disorderly conduct after multiple witnesses stated he was behaving belligerently and attempting to start fights with people on Strawberry Alley.

Man witnessed by officers pointing AR rifle at woman in backyard

23-year-old Raymond Scampini was charged with aggravated assault when police witnessed him pointing an AR-style rifle at a woman on a trampoline in a home’s backyard after hearing shots fired in the area.

Man flips out after wife slaps him; slaps her back

36-year-old Joamel Rivera was charged with domestic assault when his wife slapped him during an argument, so he followed her into the bedroom and flipped a bed on top of her before he slapped her back.

Man wraps arm around girlfriend’s neck to prevent her from leaving during argument

20-year-old Quincy Carter was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after he attempted to keep his girlfriend from leaving when he wrapped his arm around her neck and barricaded her in a home.

KTK manager and “DJ CutD” charged with reckless endangerment in event center shooting

34-year-old Eric Phillips, manager of KTK in Clarksville, and 30-year-old Deundrae “DJ Cut D” Harmon were charged with reckless endangerment when they fired shots at the Eagle Event Center during a party after a fight broke out.

Unhoused burglars spend night in man’s house and steal his TVs

35-year-old Jervis Brewer and 36-year-old Stacey Gray were charged with aggravated burglary after they were found sleeping in the bedroom of the home they broke into to steal two 32 inch TVs.

Woman charged after throwing a liquor bottle at her husband

58-year-old Cynthia Chappell was charged with domestic assault after she threw a bottle of liquor at her husband during an argument.

Homeless man strangles stranger who will give him a ride, but not $10

49-year-old Mark Mosley was charged with aggravated assault after reportedly strangling someone who gave him a ride because they did not have ten dollars to give him.

Man gets 1st DUI after crashing into someone’s yard in his Pontiac Vibe

21-year-old Matthew Bercume was charged with driving under the influence, implied consent, and failure to exercise due care after crashing into someone’s front yard and admitting to drinking as well as taking Valium.

Woman charged after throwing stack of folders and telling her cousin to “get the F*** out”

33-year-old Judy Rowland was charged with domestic assault after a verbal altercation with her cousin over roommate issues became heated and she began throwing things at her while telling her to ” get the F*** out”.