Homeless woman admits to giving man an overdose with fentanyl-laced heroin

38-year-old Amber Rowlette was charged with possession of heroin for resale and theft of property when police arrived at Plato’s Closet to find her in the passenger seat of a vehicle with an unconscious and possibly overdosed man.

Election Update: City Council, City Judge, and Circuit Court Clerk

Another week has ended in the race to qualify for Clarksville City Council and City Judge. The qualification period opened on Monday, June 22nd and the deadline to return petitions is August 20th. This week, no new candidates officially qualified for the respective City Council race, but a sixth potential candidate has picked up a petition to run in Ward 12.

Scoop Media Group wins redaction lawsuit against Montgomery County

Chancellor McMillan ruled that the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office must stop the illegal redaction of public information from open records requests. Circuit Court Clerk Cheryl Castle announced her resignation just days after depositions, leaving her elected term unfilled.

Greenbrier woman almost hits emergency vehicle and deputy on Highway 12

25-year-old Heather Reynolds was charged with DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia when she almost hit an emergency vehicle and deputy while driving down Highway 12. During the traffic stop, police found a glass pipe, open beer cans, and a bottle of whiskey in her truck.

Woman gets into an argument with her mother and shoves a juvenile victim

34-year-old Ashley Shorty was charged with domestic assault when she shoved a female juvenile after she was involved in an argument with her mother, per report.

Scuffle on Treeland Drive results in grass stains and an assault charge

feat Harris, Vince

57-year-old Vince Harris was charged with domestic assault after jumping on a man and knocking him down, where they were wrestling in the dirt until he was finally able to get free. Neither party was injured, although both men suffered grass and dirt stains on their clothing.

Man caught stealing $75 worth of items from St. Bethlehem Walmart

49-year-old Glenn Jones was charged with burglary, shoplifting, and driving on a suspended license after he stole $75 worth of merchandise from Walmart on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

Hopkinsville man defeated after drug call and shoplifting investigation

52-year-old Michael Myhill was charged with possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, an order of protection violation, and theft of merchandise when officers investigating a drug call and shoplifting incident found him with suspected weed in a vehicle with no license plate.

Elkton man body slams woman and breaks her phone when asked to leave

feat Lyon, Matthew

22-year-old Matthew Lyon was charged with aggravated domestic assault and vandalism after he violated an order of protection and forcefully entered a woman’s home, slammed her to the ground, and shattered her phone when asked to leave.

Clarksville man spits on child’s mother when their argument gets heated

22-year-old Paul Neal was charged with domestic assault when he spit on his child’s mother after an argument got heated, per report.