Woman charged after refusing to leave Electric Cowboy; punches deputy while in holding

36-year-old Tracee Blount was charged with public intoxication and assault after belligerently refusing to leave the Electric Cowboy, then spitting on deputies while in holding.

Couple assaults each other outside Electric Cowboy

feat Genther, Alyssa and Mitchell Tylor

24-year-old Alyssa Genther and 24-year-old Tylor Mitchell were charged with domestic assault after police say they were hitting and punching each other in his truck while at the Electric Cowboy.

Night of drinking at Electric Cowboy leads to speeding and DUI charges

28-year-old Veronica Johnson was charged with DUI, speeding, and implied consent after she admitted to drinking margaritas at Electric Cowboy during a traffic stop for speeding.

Officer finds man in bushes at O’Charley’s; man believes he’s still at Electric Cowboy

24-year-old Casey Crigger was charged with public intoxication after a night at the Electric Cowboy, ending with him passed out in some bushes wearing a vomit-soaked shirt.

Man threatens to kill himself and wife while in the backseat of a friend’s car

Feat Young Cole

25-year-old Cole Bradley Young was charged with domestic assault after threatening to harm his wife and himself during an argument while being driven home from the Electric Cowboy.

Drunk wives charged after acting “irate” towards security at Electric Cowboy

27-year-old Nikole Ritchey and 29-year-old Heather Ritchey were charged with public intoxication after Nikole was acting belligerent at Electric Cowboy and when officers attempted to detain her Heather began yelling in their faces.

Woman blows .149 after hit-and-run at Electric Cowboy

26-year-old Mikayla Frank was charged with possession of cocaine, unlawful drug paraphernalia, DUI, and violation of open container law after she was stopped for a hit and run and was found with white residue she told police was “drugs.”

#DUI: Woman orders “3 of your best drinks” from Electric Cowboy before driving

Feat Hidrogo Britney

23-year-old Britney Renee Hidrogo was charged with her first DUI after she had drinks at the Electric Cowboy and was witnessed hopping over the median of Fort Campbell Boulevard in her car.

Man stopped after drinks at Electric Cowboy with 291 grams THC product

25-year-old Robert Burgess was charged with marijuana drug violations, DUI, paraphernalia, and open container after getting pulled over after drinking 4 vodka & Sprites at the Electric Cowboy with 291 grams of THC product in his truck.

Woman driving wrong way on Warfield Blvd says GPS gave bad directions, blows .193 BAC

37-year-old Leighanne Keen was charged with driving under the influence after two 911 callers reported her driving the wrong way Warfield Boulevard. She told officers she was trying to get home from Electric Cowboy when her GPS gave her the wrong directions. She blew a .193 BAC.