Woman driving wrong way on Warfield Blvd says GPS gave bad directions, blows .193 BAC

37-year-old Leighanne Keen was charged with driving under the influence after two 911 callers reported her driving the wrong way Warfield Boulevard. She told officers she was trying to get home from Electric Cowboy when her GPS gave her the wrong directions. She blew a .193 BAC.

On June 20th, Clarksville Police Officer Jordan Parnell was called to a suspected intoxicated drive at 329 Warfield Boulevard. According to the affidavit, two individuals had called 911 and stated a silver Chrysler 200 was driving in the wrong direction on Warfield Boulevard. When contacted the driver of that vehicle was identified as Leighanne Keen. Keen told the officer that she had been at the Electric Cowboy and the global positioning system had directed her incorrectly.

Leighanne Keen (MCSO)
Leighanne Keen (MCSO)

Officer Parnell noted Keen to exhibit clues of intoxication and when asked she first said she had imbibed four beers but later amended that to two shots of tequila as well as the beers. Leighanne Keen performed unsatisfactorily on sobriety tasks and after being tested twice her blood alcohol content was determined to be .193.

The warrant noted she lives in Washington State and was visiting family, although she’s had at least four other charges in Montgomery County since 2006, including a 2008 DUI and a harassment charge in January 2020 that was dismissed.

Leighanne Keen was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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