Teen charges man with a rock over a bracelet for his ex-girlfriend

19-year-old Nathan Ogilvie was charged with aggravated assault after he charged at a man with a rock because he got upset that he grabbed a bracelet that was placed in a tree for his ex-girlfriend, per report.

On June 15th, Officer Gadberry made contact with the victim about an aggravated assault that occurred. He told the officer that he and his ex-girlfriend, Christina Patrone, were in the woods together. Defendant, Nathan Ogilvie, was recognized by Patrone in the woods and she saw something hanging in a tree. She asked the victim to grab what looked like a bracelet that she believed was for her from Ogilvie.

Nathan Ogilvie (MCSO)
Nathan Ogilvie (MCSO)

When the victim went to retrieve the item out of the tree, Ogilvie told him not to touch it, but he grabbed it anyway. Ogilvie at this time picked up a rock and charged at him. The victim stated that he, in self-defense, pinned Ogilvie to the ground and hit him in the head with a rock twice. Statements taken from all the parties involved all told the same story, including Ogilvie charging the victim with a rock. Police escorted Ogilvie to Tennova Hospital to be medically cleared and then took him to Montgomery County Jail.

Nathan Ogilvie was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $25,000.

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