Sex offender organizes high school graduation event at Clarksville Speedway

Hundreds of Clarksville high school seniors and their families attended graduation ceremonies organized, in part, by a man known on Facebook as Shane Chris. Chris is actually Shane C. Thompson, a sex offender from Trigg County.

June 24th, Operation Graduation organizers Tammy Brown, Shane Chris, April Love, and April Murphy, kicked off a three-day event to honor local seniors from West Creek, Montgomery Central, Clarksville, Rossview, Northwest, Kenwood, Northeast, Middle College, and even home-schoolers who were robbed of their final year of high school, to include their commencement ceremony. The Facebook group of 1,395 members raised $4,580. By all accounts of the live videos and photographs uploaded by participants and doting parents, the event at the Clarksville Speedway was a hit.

Operation Graduation Fundraiser (Source Facebook)
Operation Graduation Fundraiser (Source Facebook)

But one Clarksville citizen became concerned when they recognized one of the main organizers of the ceremony as a Trigg County registered sex offender. An admin of the Operation Graduation 2020 Facebook page named Shane Chris who is credited on the fundraiser, identified as the man coordinating volunteers and also the man posting live feeds during the event. His name is actually Shane Christopher Thompson.

39-year-old Shane Thompson was first charged with sodomy, sexual abuse, promoting sexual performance of a minor under 18, and 2 counts of rape in August of 2004. These charges were all dismissed August of 2007 and Thompson made his way to Wisconsin where in June of 2008 he was convicted of “causing mental harm to child” in Adams County. The original charge was second-degree sexual assault of a child who was 13-years-old but was amended to the above when he pled no contest. Thompson was twenty-seven at the time of the incident.

After being sentenced to five years at Oshkosh Correctional Institution, Thompson eventually landed back in Kentucky, where in February of 2015 he was charged again. This time for failure to comply with sex offender registration as well as sex offender electronic communication violations. Trigg County again dismissed the communication violation charge but he was found guilty of the registration violation.

The Kentucky State Police currently has Shane C. Thompson listed as a “move-in offender from Wisconsin” living at 541 Main Street, Cerulean, Kentucky. He can also be found planning a prom for Clarksville high school seniors.

Trish Butler

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  1. Starsky2004

    Disgusting that after all these years he is still allowed to be free to keep harming young girls. Some day karma will finally get you.

  2. B. Holeman

    This monster was able to obtain emergency custody of his son yesterday Sep. 1, 2020. He done so with false accusations. Shane C. Thompson is a violent sex offender and a Judge with the Christian County Family Court granted him emergency custody. He only has supervised visitation with the child and is not allowed to leave the supervised home of visitation or the state of Kentucky. He has been leaving with the child and going to his permanent address in Clarksville Tn. The mother Krista Barnett is absolutely devastated. She is a wonderful Mother of 4 beautiful children. Shane C. Thompson has harassed this poor mother for over a year and a half. He has called CPS on her countless times. Not one time have they ever found anything wrong. Shane C. Thompson is clearly mentally unstable on top of being a violent sex offender. Every woman he has come in contact with has come under his attack sexually and mentally. There has been 4 he has fathered children with. Please visit #savesawyer

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