Woman hits utility pole, attacks EMT and deputy while intoxicated

42-year-old Jennifer Parrish was charged with two counts of assault, driving under the influence, and failure to exercise due care after reportedly slamming into an electrical pole, attacking medical staff, and kicking a deputy while intoxicated.

Repeat offender charged for possession of meth and driving on revoked #ScoopFrequentFlier

46-year-old William Neal was charged with possession of meth, unlawful removal of tags, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after a check of his vehicle’s tags came back to a different vehicle.

Intoxicated driver barfs on herself before receiving her first #DUI

25-year-old Janae Jackson was charged with driving under the influence and improper lane change after she reportedly was witnessed drifting from her lane, and she failed administered field sobriety tests with vomit on her pant leg.

Night of drinking at Electric Cowboy leads to speeding and DUI charges

28-year-old Veronica Johnson was charged with DUI, speeding, and implied consent after she admitted to drinking margaritas at Electric Cowboy during a traffic stop for speeding.

Impaired man wrecks vehicle multiple times with child on board

39-year-old Randy Miller was charged with driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license after having two collisions with a minor present in the vehicle.

Man stumbles from his SUV and fails three separate sobriety tests; charged with his first #DUI

feat Mount Bryan

39-year-old Bryan Mount was charged with driving under the influence for the first time after he failed to maintain his lane of travel on Fort Cambell Boulevard and failed three separate field sobriety tests.

Moody and forgetful man charged after hit-and-run; found with marijuana during search

30-year-old Darnell Simms was charged with his second DUI, possession of marijuana, driving an unregistered vehicle, leaving the scene with damage, and driving without a driver’s license after leaving the site of an accident, and an illicit substance was detected in his vehicle by a police service dog.

Driver charged after having a morning Four Loko

39-year-old Spencer Robinson was charged with driving under the influence after admitting to drinking a Four Loko before driving down Providence Boulevard.

Designated driver charged with first DUI

25-year-old Justin Paikoff was charged with driving under the influence after he told police he was his friend’s designated driver, and he blew a .051 on a breathalyzer test.

Drunk pulled from “wreck” in Walmart parking lot

25-year-old Tomas Barrientos was charged with driving under the influence after wrecking his vehicle while he was asleep and intoxicated behind the wheel in the Fort Campbell Walmart parking lot.