Man stumbles from his SUV and fails three separate sobriety tests; charged with his first #DUI

feat Mount Bryan

39-year-old Bryan Mount was charged with driving under the influence for the first time after he failed to maintain his lane of travel on Fort Cambell Boulevard and failed three separate field sobriety tests.

Woman’s choice of beer, Twisted Tea, and a bloody mary leads to her first #DUI

23-year-old Kimberly Schutz was charged with driving under the influence after she admitted to drinking multiple alcoholic beverages and failing field sobriety tests at Exxon.

Man slouched over driver’s seat had marijuana, pipe, and open container in vehicle

51-year-old Michael Mason was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, driving on a revoked license, and possession of drug paraphernalia when he was found passed out in his vehicle that was still running and in drive.

Man crashes near Red Lobster after drinking early in the morning

30-year-old Charles Schaerer was charged with his second DUI, failure to exercise due care, driving on a suspended license, and no proof of insurance when he crashed a vehicle and admitted to drinking earlier that morning.