Moody and forgetful man charged after hit-and-run; found with marijuana during search

30-year-old Darnell Simms was charged with his second DUI, possession of marijuana, driving an unregistered vehicle, leaving the scene with damage, and driving without a driver’s license after leaving the site of an accident, and an illicit substance was detected in his vehicle by a police service dog.

Second man charged for involvement in Target theft

31-year-old Zachary Scalf was charged with two counts of property theft and driving on a suspended license after he and his friend, Travis Spicer, filled plastic Target bags with video games and Blu-Ray sets.

Accident caused on 101st by man in a stolen truck

28-year-old Shawnquavious Kelly was charged with theft, driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance, and drivers to exercise due care after causing an accident on 101st Airborne Division Parkway in a stolen F-150.